Paolino Paperino Band – C’è Gente Che Dormono – Review

I remember the times of the parish hall and how well we could have fun with little, table football and table tennis tournaments, the 200 lire to play the various arcade games, the inevitable 5 p.m. prayer or the priest would get angry and, last but not least, the wire broadcasting with PISLAS by Paolino Paperino Band… what a good time!

It took some years before the band from Modena came back with a new album entitled “C’è Gente Che Dormono” and they did for Kob Records no more than a month ago.

Their typical irony has remained intact, the sociopolitical issues as well, the musical timbre is always the same, punk rock mixed with ska and a pinch of rock’ n’ roll, the excellent surreal lyrics, which are not so much surreal, there are always… in short, in perfect PISLAS style.

“C’è Gente Che Non Dormono” is made up of 16 tracks and from the first listening you immediately understand why you can’t help but love this crazy band.
Each track gets stuck in your head and you realize it because those choruses are always there, they don’t go away; (“ma sento qualcuno bussare a quella porta… andiamo a vedere chi sarà…)”Equitalia”; (“Io mi sento molto grosso, di me tutti hanno paura, se lo sguardo non abbassi ti scompongo una frattura…”) “Il Ballo dei Bulli”.
This is just an example of what you can listen to by pressing play. The fact is that, despite the passing of the years, the issues they deal with are still topical: “Mobuto” about the problem of illegal landings; “Ave” with the eternal omnipresent Radio Maria geolocalized everywhere in Italy; “MiamiRimini” and the intelligent holidays à la CCCP… and beware of “Ivo” the villain.

I liked this record, maybe I am an old nostalgic, but “C’è Gente Che Dormono” is a must-have album because from trivial to history it’s one small step.

Now I imagine / hope that many of you are in possession of the album, I give you some advice, don’t download it but just buy it and if by chance you have already downloaded it, then fuck off and repent!

Reviewed by Paolo Antidormi
Translated by E.C.

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