Never Loud Enough @ Maserada sul Piave (TV), 20/07/2018

Let’s gonna talk about one of the best nights of this summer which took place at the Impianti Sportivi Parabae, Maserada sul Piave, a nowhere little place next to Treviso. A bunch of great people as Saetta Autoproduzioni, Minoranza Autoproduzioni and Bologna Punx decided to give us a beautiful hardcore and folk punk night with great bands such as NoWhiteRag and Days ‘n’ Daze.


First things first. We arrived on time, before the bands started playing, to set up our DIY merch stall and, above all, cheering and talking with the friends who have gathered in this fest. After some drinks and some small talking, it’s time for the first set, with NANA – disagio acustico who with her guitar and roaring voice started with a bang!

First time that I saw her live and I have to say that she’s great! Great songs, a catching rhythm, beautiful voice and great commitment! I hope I will see her again soon!


After the acoustic time with NANA is time for the first hardcore band: Linea di Confine from Bassano del Grappa. I’ve seen them live years ago and for sure time passes but not for music! The songs are still fast and powerful, and Pier, the singer, is still got it, until the end. My favourite song has always been ‘Linea di Confine’, but all their set has been great.


After, it’s time for Minoranza di Uno, hardcore band which I’ve seen many times, always with pleasure and they never disappoint. The energy, that passion and their fast songs that let everyone go crazy! Actually, during this Never Loud Enough fest they have really overcame themselves with this fucking set! Good job guys, as always, and as usual my favourite songs are ‘2+2=5’ and ‘Working Class Zero’. Of course, I need to talk about ‘Luglio’, song dedicated to Carlo Giuliani, who will always be in our thoughts.


The third hardcore band were NoWhiteRag, and finally I can see them live! The band from Modena plays around since few years now and everyone expected them under the stage. And they didin’t disappoint! Immersive, great songs and a fucking mosh pit! So, I have to say that, they were the best moment during the evening. Best song for me: ‘Tanto Rumore Per Niente’ and the song to Kobane. Fucking great NoWhiteRag!


The hardcore part is finished and so let’s go back to folk punk after a long pause. However, I had time to talk, drink and walking around the diy benches…

Someone is moving on the stage and here we go with the We The Heathens, who, to tell the truth, I came across their album and I was listening to them but, seriously, live is another level. Broken strings, laughing, a raw singing and songs that match perfectly folk, punk and, I can say that?, crust. Best song: ‘33 Shots’!


I looked at the time, after 2am, beer is felt by everyone and finally on stage I can see the headliner of the night, Days ‘n’ Daze. They staggered a bit at the beginning but people under the stage is excited and song by song the anarchists from Texas started to figure it out and play the right songs! And yes, well, how can you don’t like them!

Unfortunately, I can’t stay for their whole set (time problems) and I’m especially sad to miss the party after the gig but I’m sure there will be plenty of occasion.


I can only say thank you for this crazy night, made by beautiful people, great music and  diy spirit. See you next time guys!

Here the photogallery by Francesco Dose

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