Our Punk Rock Raduno 2018!

Just over a week has passed since Punk Rock Raduno, and here I am spending a few words on the Bergamo festival that took place from the 12th to the 15th of July, 2018 in the fantastic setting of the Edoné and its surroundings.
My Raduno starts on Wednesday 11th, actually: at Goisis park there are Nando Senzabenza and Even In Blackouts in acoustic and I decide that I don’t want to miss them.
It’s Nando from mythical Senzabenza who starts the show: he picks up his guitar and plays some tracks of his historical band and some covers including Bad Religion, Social Distortion and NOFX.
Between one concert and another I go get a beer and I see CJ Ramone at the tables chatting. I stare at my hero in a weird way but I decide not to disturb him and continue my journey to the counter.
It’s the turn of Even In Blackouts. The band features John Jughead, founder of Screeching Weasel, who came back to visit us for the second year in a row. The atmosphere is intimate and Liz’s voice makes it even more magical. They play some of their own songs and some covers including “Every Night” (Screeching Weasel) and “Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love” by Elvis.
Immediately after the concerts I head reluctantly home, because the next day the duty calls and the weekend that awaits me will be hot. I say goodbye and go.

Thursday 12th.
When I finish working, my group of friends and I rush to Punk Rock Raduno for the festival’s official first night. Well, I feel comfortable, I feel at home! We greet some friends and I notice CJ Ramone again. Well, I can’t miss him again. I approach him and ask him for a photo together in which I almost look like Fantozzi’s daughter but I’m happy: I have my photo with CJ!
I recover and queue up for a drink. But in the distance I hear those chords that I know well and so I go towards the stage (and a lot of other people with me) to listen to Riccobellis. Despite the fact that it is quite early, the place fills up quickly and the audience is very excited. One after another, as fast as lightning, they play “I’m Going Into Space”, “Somebody To Love”, “My Baby On LSD”, “Only You” but it’s the ending with “Drunk & High” that inflames souls, with lots of confetti thrown at the audience!
It’s the turn of Jagger Holly who, as always, are in great shape. The audience still knows little their songs but they know how to hold the stage well and so their performance is great!
After them, the star of this Punk Rock Raduno: CJ Ramone, who for the occasion performs on stage with The Manges. The opening songs are part of the repertoire of the band from La Spezia, while in the end they play Ramones classics, including the well-known “Blitzkrieg Bop”, “Rockaway Beach”, “Havana Affair”, “Today Your Love Tomorrow The World”, “R.A.M.O.N.E.S. “. Bliss.
I rush home early again because of work, but the weekend is near!

Friday 13th
After two super days Friday comes at last! The day I could have the chance to see Dan Vapid live who would play the whole Riverdales set. Everything was going in the right direction and in fact here come the bad news: due to problems with his passport, Dan Vapid will not be able to be at the Raduno. The disappointment is there but the show must go on. We arrive after work and unfortunately I miss the acoustic shows of Tough, Midrake and Kurt Baker around Bergamo and the tattoo session at the Ink Club. On stage there are Cocks, 7 Years Bad Luck, Neck and Neon Bone. The vacancy left by Dan Vapid & The Cheats is filled very well by Zatopeks with the support of Mike and Matt from DeeCRACKS. The concert is great, I didn’t expect anything different but the fact that it was all improvised made it even more beautiful. Both the audience and the band run wild on the notes of their great classics including “Quality Footwear”, “Turkish Bread Chronicle”, “Jimmy’s Girl”, “City Lights”. They are largely up to the task. Heroes.
It’s time for Even In Blackouts. The acoustic show had been a pleasant discovery and even in electric they did well thanks to the excellent interaction with the audience and the guests on stage who enjoyed playing some Screeching Weasel covers with the band (among those I remember “My Brain Hurts”, “Hey Suburbia”, “Every Night”). The party then moves to the Edoné with the punk rock DJ set that makes us dance to the end!

Saturday 14th
Here we are on Saturday. On stage from the afternoon Colvins, Andead, Lone Wolf (instead of Radio Buzzkills), 20 Belows, K7’s, Patsy’s Rats and Steve Adamyk Band. After them Gli Impossibili. A special mention to them who pulled down the stage of the PRR with their hits “Sul Sedile Con Te”, “La Mia Ragazza 3.20”, “Cani Blu”, “Ritardato”, “Odio Brenda e Melrose Place”. Great! After them Windowsill and finally Queers. Queers. Amazing concert. The Edoné park exploded. One of the most beautiful concerts I have ever seen. “Debra Jean” (tears), “Fuck The World” (tears), “Punk Rock Girls” (tears), “Love Love Love”, “Monster Zero”, “I Met Her At The Rats”, “You’re Tripping”, “Tamara Is A Punk”, “Ursula Finally Has Tits”, the covers “Cindy’s On Methadone” and “It’s Cold Outside”. But when I thought I had seen the best, Ramon CJ comes on stage and it was Ramones with “The KKK Took My Baby Away”/”Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”/”Oh Oh I Love Her So”. G-R-E-A-T. Even if in the meantime my concert neighbor decided to let out the monkey in him climbing on the scaffolding and pouring beer on my head … I was happy! DJ set and home again.

Sunday 15th
The next morning we arrive early at Edoné for lunch (wow, the burgers!). I can see the first group, Haermorrhoids from Hamburg, and the Punkability project, whose documentary I had seen just before and which I was curious to hear live. A group of disabled kids brought on stage some famous songs including Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones in Italian. I was moved… it was very touching! And alas the Punk Rock Raduno ends here for me because for a family commitment I must go home. But I’ve also heard that the other bands (Deaf Lingo, The Dutts, Sewer Rats, Andrea Manges And The Veterans and The Bombpops) performed very well. Thanks for everything to the organizers, the Edoné staff, the bands and all the friends I met. See you next year!

Live report by Valentina Piazzola
Translation by Elvira Cuomo

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