Sguazzoni, mosquitos & punk! Live from Distruggi la Bassa Closing Party @ Lago Valle Azzurra (FE), 27/07/2018

We left early to reach our destination, an unknown village in the middle of Romagna countryside for the closing party of one of the coolest festivals in Italy: Distruggi la Bassa Fest.

After some adventures along the way, under the killing heat, we arrived in this beautiful spot among trees and lakes. And mosquitos of course.

The welcoming was amazing, everyone cheered us and helped us with our merch table. Immediately we started talking with Christian of Anfibio Records and Andrea of the great Istinto Handmade Screenprinting. Meanwhile, I had time to discover that my lovely spritz here is called ‘sguazzone’, just to say that it became the drink of the night!

Talking and drinking, time flies and it’s time for the first set by NANA – disagio acustico who started the festival on the open stage. I talked about her in the previous report, so today I just want to say what a wonderful person she is, not only a great artist but someone who it’s possible to talk to. Let’s hope to see each other again soon!

Few minutes and Heute Nebel started their show. I didn’t know them but they warmed up the show with their cheerful punk rock. I really enjoyed when their friend went up on stage to sing a really great song. I don’t know the title, but guys it rocked!

Let’s go to the Booze Stage, called also the oven, to enjoy the Venetian band Without Whistle, who proposed a kind of skate punk. Very good guys, really! Fast songs, great presence on stage and nothing else to say! If you have the opportunity, get their last EP!

Let’s go back outside, with the mosquitos, because on the open stage Madhouse are playing. A band, which, a part for their cover of ‘You Spin Me Around’, didn’t convince me, their mix of sounds and style didn’t appeal me and even if they were funny I listened to them from outside. So it’s time for an amazing pizza, more sguazzoni and more chatting!

Back inside someone is playing again: it’s WAH ’77, another band that can count on many live shows and that plays an engaging speed punk. For sure, I want to hear them again!

Now, pay attention, it’s time for the one and only Adolescents! I don’t know if it is really the last time that I can see them live, but, anyway, I’m shaking and I don’t want to lose a moment of their show. And they don’t disappoint! Good, fast, a song after another, from classic songs to new tracks such as ‘Queen of Denial’ e ‘Cropduster’. Brad Logan, who has the duty of covering the late Steve on this tour, knows how to play that fucking bass guitar! Oh, and thanks for that warm hug at the end of the show!

The kids are getting crazy, mosh pit from the first to the last song, and between ‘Kids of The Black Hole’ and ‘Creatures’ I can’t resist, I jumped into the pogo, because, actually, I’m there for that, because it might be the last time. Amazing Adolescents!

Even if it is hard, the party is not over, and after a long break (unfortunately, Black Gremlins were absent) we go back sweating with the energy of Affluente. Nothing to say, the band from Ascoli still rocks and they are still hardcore fundamentalists! Good job guys!

Back on the Booze Stage for the mind blowing CGB from Imperia, who unleashed all their energy and everyone went mad even with 40° inside that room. Classic Italian hardcore, that never disappoints, and they say goodbye with my favourite song, ‘Brucia’.

Last round of sguazzone and back to the music with Tullamore and their folk, oi, punk which is the perfect way to close this wonderful party! A slow starting but song after song people started to come closer again and the party finishes in glory.

I really have to say that the day was amazing: beautiful people, bands well chosen, cheap drinks and food and as my first time at the Distruggi la Bassa Festival, I felt to be as home, in a real community. And so let’s say it loud: great jobs guys! Let’s all wait for next year!

Here the photogallery by Francesco Dose


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