Tuscia Hardcore: agropunx are back! July 28th, 2018

What Hardcorers do on a late July afternoon? Do they go to the beach? Nope, they leave early and go to the Tuscia Hardcore Fest, the now usual appointment with noise made in Viterbo, 100% organized at DIY by the local punk collective, the Tuscia Clan. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the first three bands, which are the yButteroy, Max Carnage and No More Lies, but someone told me that they smashed it in spite of the mid-afternoon heat. The first band I see are the Leisfa from Genova, a great old school hardcore that passes through the flow; after the usual chit-chat with other guys present at the fest (punk is also friendship, don’t forget it!) the La Furia! from Rome and hinterland go on stage, with an HC/Rap crossover played by real badass musicians and with rampaging lyrics opposing the capital and the exploiting owners. Another band that has lyrics that talks exclusively about the working class are the Azione Diretta from Perugia that with their Oi! fused with HC, brings me back 10 years, that is last time I had the pleasure of seeing them and singing aloud their tracks while still in my youth! Following soon the Fest line-up, perfectly on time ( “It seems to be in Milan” quote Capò), the ridged Call the Cops from Bologna playing a Crust Punk in a Total Chaos style and similar, direct and efficient. After them, the veterans Affluente, almost natives from Viterbo, unfold one after the other many of their anthem which represent mile stones of the hardcore punk made in Italy, and which make scream and mosh the understage audience as in a shapely concert. After lots mosh and tupa-tupa, the masked Bone Machine close the Fest with healthy and dirty Rock and Roll that makes the booties shake with contrabass and lyrics that talks about alcohol and various vices. Hence ends another Fest edition, hoping that Tuscia Clan’s guys come back to organize something else soon, as they had demonstrated trough the years that they know how to work it out.

Live report by Riccardo Santi
Photo Gallery by Michela Midossi – Tuscia Clan

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