Interview with Inarrestabili

After the storm that hit the last day at the Bay Fest, I met with Seve from Inarrestabili, Sardinian band established in Spain, and we talked about the festival, the band and punk!


I: Hello Seve, tell me about the band, how it worked out…

S: We put up the band in 2005, in a small Sardinian village, where everyone was involved into football, or some sport. But we didn’t care about that, so we needed to find something else. At the beginning, I was playing the drums, but then I pick up the guitar and I started writing songs.  I called some friends and we started the band. After a year, we changed a bit… but since then we are unite, we are us!


 I: Tell me about your experience, at the festival.

S: In Italy, this one is the biggest stage we’ve ever had while in Spain we’ve already played in different festivals, as openers for other bands. Well, there we have some success; they call us for the gigs!


I: What do you think about the punk/hardcore/DIY scene, both in Italy and Spain? Are there some differences?

S: Yes, I can say that in Spain there’s more people that listen to punk/hardcore, ska… and there are more spaces where you can play. Well, there are some difficulties even there, but if you want to find your place, you can find it! In Italy, there are more difficulties, and we come from Sardinia, so… But in the last two years something is moving even here…


I: Can I ask your opinion about last night events [about the nazi presence]?

S: Yes, we were in the backstage, and we saw something, some strange movements, and then we saw the ambulance and we sked about that. Thay say some nazi entered the festival… just to make trouble, bastards!


I: Punk is always political or you can split it in different aspects?

S: Well, I’m not an extremist but I think that politics is part of music. When a band gives a message, it is political. I think that a band needs to take sides, it needs to demonstrate what the members think, also on the political point of view.


 I: Take side, especially after events like yesterday night…

S: Exactly! In this particular case, I talk for myself and my band, we wouldn’t have played, we would have stopped.


I: What are the future plans of the band?

S: We will do some gigs in Spain, in Barcelona, and we will see… we are thinking about a new album, but we need to think about it carefully. Meanwhile we continue to play!


Thank you Seve for your time and keep going on!


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