Inconsapevole Days 2018: punk rock under the stars!

On August 10th and 11th, in the seaside setting of Mascagni Terrace in Leghorn (precisely inside the Tiki Garden of the local Surfer Joe), has taken place the 2018 Edition of the “mini-festival” called Inconsapevole Days.
This year the two-day festival was enhanced by the participation of two international bands that has performed in Italy for the very first time: the Lillingtons (USA) and F.O.D. (Belgium).
Also, for this edition, the stages were even two: the main stage and a little stage reserved to an acoustic entertainment.
Friday evening was opened by the acoustic performance of Pyker Lachiver and Mike Noegraf, shortly after the sunset, giving a romantic touch to the situation. After the 22.00 the party moved to the main stage, where the Chromosomes made us sing and dance for a half hour, then left the platform to the Americans Lillingtons, which attracted the numerous audience playing their hits one after the other.
This four “madmen” from Wyoming defied the summer heat dressed in black, giving the idea of being a satanic metal band suited to the “Onetwothreefour”. After this “daily-double”, from the acoustic stage Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) helped the sweaty and exhausted audience to expel all the toxins from themselves, this supported by a faint breeze and beers from the hot dog van.
Saturday began around the 21.00 on the acoustic stage, where a dozens of bands alternated with themselves, of whom Totonno and Basile from Duff and Wasei Hey! Go!, while on the main stage, when the sun already set, was being prepared the set for 7Years and F.O.D..
7Years remained onstage for about 40 minutes, offering a very technical melodic hardcore and playing the most of their repertoire, both old and new. Emotional and amazing was the proposal Diego made to his “historic” partner Nadine during the intermission of the set.
Diego, in an agonistic trance at this point, launched himself into a ultra-punk version of “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by the Beastie Boys, leaving the audience excited for F.O.D., that did’t disappoint at all.
The four Belgian “bad dudes” went wrought-up onstage and showed to be a great hc punk band with an exciting artistic selection, well-finished arrangements and an enormous charge that fascinated the spectators. The line-up was curious: it consisted of the three band members plus an extraordinary chorister-entertainer, excellent in supporting melodies and exciting the audience too.
At the end of the evening, the party moved to the place’s first floor for an incredible after-party, giving space and surge to the majority of the musicians that played in this two-day festival: mixed and interesting bands were formed by these, which played the best covers, from Green Day to NOFX, No Use For A Name to Lagwagon and Bad Religion. The evening ended in total frenzy till late night.
How did Inconsapevole Days 2018 leave us?
Punk, hardcore, black tees, dust, sweat, broken drum sticks, empty glass of beer, the sea, Vans and All Star, people from all over Italy, cigarette butts, phones and GoPro (and neurons too) mashed to the ground and lost by who-knows-who.

Live report by Massi e Ruiha
Translation by Chiara Piva

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