Interview with Booze & Glory!

Booze ‘n’ Glory are a London-based band but, actually, they have a more international flavour, and they propose a personal oi/street punk. On the drums, we find Frank, our favourite Italian in the punk scene! And here’s my chat with him!


I: Hello Frank! Tell me about the band, your history, how you joined the band…

F: Well, I joined the band just to work as a videomaker, my other job. I was working with some bands from London, and Booze ‘n’ Glory contacted me to record a video with them. It was in 2011. I said yes, I filmed the video, ‘London Skinhead Crew’, and we became friends. In 2015, the drummer left the band, and they knew I played in different hardcore bands so they asked me if I wanted to join the band. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure, you know, a band from London, and then I said, well, fuck yes! I joined the band!  We started the tour, in Berlin, around Germany, at the Rebellion Festival in the UK, and since 2016, we decided to do things properly, to become a full time band. We bought the van, we booked as many tour dates as possible, everywhere in the world, and in 2017, we made 100 tour dates. 70.000 km, just in Europe, without counting the U.S. tour! Well, I was watching the world from a window many times! It has been hard, but satisfying, we received a good feedback. People see us on stage, or on social media, but beyond this, there are hours of hard work, sacrifices, and we spend long time away from home… just for these 35-minutes set at the Bay Fest we travelled for 2500 km, it means 25 hours travel, and eating and sleeping whenever and wherever we could.


I: Do you have plans to record something new? A break from the tour?

F: We never take breaks! This year we will do less tour dates but we received a lot of requests from festivals. Even the Bay Fest came out as a surprise. We were in contact with the organizers, but we were talking to do something next year, then Flatliners cancelled the tour and so… here we are! Now, we have the last rush until the end of August. Some festivals… one in Poland, with different styles and genres. We played in the biggest festival in Europe, Poland Rock, a festival which brings 500k or even 700k people. The entrance is free, because it is a benefit festival for some children’s hospitals so during the years they collected lots of money for charity. Was cool sharing the stage with Judas Priest, Goo Goo Dolls, Arch Enemy, etc… it was an incredible experience!


I: And about the Bay Fest? What do you think about this festival?

F: Bay Fest is really cool! It’s really great, we are having fun, the place is beautiful, the organization is great! The only bad thing is, as everyone knows now, those fucking assholes that came here last night just to make troubles. That shit ruins the music.


I: Do you think that it was possible to avoid the beating…

F: I can’t say… we didn’t see them under the stage, I couldn’t see anything. Someone threw a glass. But it’s really hard to stand and take a side during a concert; we stopped a gig in France, because they were doing the Roman salute, we were involved in other situations… but you know, this is not a squat where you can kick ‘em out and beat ‘em. Here, this is a festival, there are other rules, the police, the security, (who didn’t intervene, what a shame!) I talked with the organization, they were really sad, it was a punch in the face for them, but they couldn’t do anything. I hope that today these motherfuckers will stay away, or, if they will come, I hope they will be kicked out. As a band, we have always taken a side: we stand against fascism, racism and homophobia. We don’t sing about politics but we hate those assholes. It happened many times that some nazi scums threatened us… we are not so tough and we have also our girlfriends and wives on tour with us, so… we keep ‘em away!


I: What do you think about the punk/hardcore/skin scene in the last years?

F: It’s growing. Especially our scene, the street/oi scene. Once it was a kind of music for outcasts, scumbags and now… we, and other bands like us, are playing in some places where just some years ago it was unthinkable to play. Even the hardcore… no one was thinking that a genre like that could earn so much! Of course, there’s the social media influence now… years ago, to organize a gig you had to call, it was hard, instead now, well, it’s easy. And maybe something has been lost along the way, something precious about the hard work… But well, you can’t organize a festival like this just calling some friends! I can see different realities, outside Italy, in Germany, where music has always been at the centre of the city life. Here in Italy, a lot of places are shutting down but there’s still hope for places that really matter!


I: Back to the band… tell me about the new album.

F: Yes, we talked about everything apart from that! Anyway, after some dates In August, we will fly to Australia, Malaysia, Bali… we will be away for a month. And we are already writing our new album, we write it between one gig and the other. Our idea is to release some singles, and then film some videos. The album will be out next year. Regarding next year, it will be the 10th anniversary of the band, and we will start the year playing at Persistence Tour, with Sick Of It All, Walls Of Jericho… I come from hardcore, so it will be an honour for me. Do a tour with SOIA it’s something I’ve always dreamt of!


I: Also with Agnostic Front…

F: Yes, well, we’ve already played together so we have a different relationship, more personal… they are really amazing people. Also with the Dropkick Murphys we had last year a short tour together in Brazil so there’s a friendship bond beyond being musicians: when we played in Boston we hanged out together.


I: Back to the tour…

F: Probably we will go to California in November… Then I hope I will go on holidays in December! Then next year we are already booked!


I: Do you write  the new material all together? How does it work for you?

F: The singer has the idea for lyrics and riffs then we meet all together and we start to arrange the music and the whole thing.


I: Will you move to London to record it?

F: No, now we are in Poland, at the singer’s house. We spend a lot of time there, it’s our headquarter. We are looking at different studios and producers, we are talking to various labels… but I can’t say now!

So for now cheers to everyone, to Radio Punk and see you next time!


Well, thank you Frank for your time and for the amazing chat!


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