Ke Flasch! Photo exhibition + live @Vecchio son

Friday, September 21th we arrive in Bologna ready to face the weekend. In our area there’s never a fucking thing to do so we just need the idea of two evenings of concerts in a row and we jump for joy like happy goats. The weekend in Bologna included an exhibition with concert at Vecchio Son organized by Bologna Punx on Friday, and a galactic concert organized by Bologna City Rockers with Cockney Rejects and many more on Saturday. Today we will tell you about the first evening, but don’t worry because we will also publish the live report of the second one very soon.

Once we’ve had the necessary drink supplies to face the journey, we head on foot to the Vecchio Son, a venue that for decades has been a point of reference for the bands of Bologna, thanks to its three rehearsal rooms and music lessons. The evening was divided into two parts and we, arrived on time, we do not miss anything.
As soon as we enter we immediately notice along all the walls, the exhibition “ke flasch! from the ’80s to today” (we attach some photos at the bottom of the article). The photos portraying many punk bands of the Bologna scene stand out on the red background, each accompanied by a caption containing a story of the evening portrayed or a particular event.
During the conference the girls from Bologna Punx tell us that the exhibition was created by a girl, Valentina, a member of the band The Valentines, who died 4 years ago. Taking the project, the collective decides, therefore, to continue this work of documentation by adding new bands to the exhibition. During the presentation, the members of Valentina’s group tell us about her, her passion for photography and her desire to tell punk story and culture. Steno also speaks about Valentina and the story of Vecchio Son.
After the presentation, the evening continues and among buffets, beers, chats and new acquaintances, it’s time for live shows.
40127 Skinheads, a street punk group made up of four very young boys. Despite their age, they move with confidence on stage, involving the audience with their old school oi proposal, with blues/rock n roll veins. Their sound, influenced by bands like Nabat, never falls into banality, resulting unique and original. Don’t miss them, you’ll hear more about them!
It’s time for the second and last group of the evening, Stalag 17, a historical quartet from Bologna, who entertain the audience with their punk music. Definitely different from the first group given their 80s hardcore influences. The show slips away in good harmony with the audience.
We go back home happy, the evening seemed to us well organized and especially well attended, we also appreciated the choice of groups, one historical and one young almost to continue the idea of the exhibition. Finally, congratulations to the boys and girls from Bologna Punx and thanks to Steno and those who manage this wonderful reality called Vecchio Son.

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