Social Enemies live @Saetta!

After a lot of interviews, we start again greatly with the live report column, but not until we remind you that we opened our own Instagram page, (some may say „finally” and others „down with technology”). You can find us by writing ‘’ in the research bar!
After this deserved plug, let’s talk about the gig in question: in fact, on Wednesday, we decided to leave towards “Saetta Autoproduzioni” in the province of Treviso: it was the time for Social Enemies to play, an antifascist hardcore punk band from Leipzig, Germany, with their certainly old school attitude. We arrived right on time for the gig; sure enough, after a couple of words with the other participants, we found out that this was a last minute event, since that Social Enemies had no date on that day, and so Saetta Autoproduzioni crew organized this live right away.
That said, we went into the venue and the quartet, which has a female singer, was off like a shot with their hardcore punk proposal adorned with a biting and strong voice that never m during the show and till its end. What struck us were the excellent ideas and the incisive melodic riffs at the right point. Very interesting band also because of their political loyalty shown through the lyrics and the speech on the microphone. It’s impossible not to notice the spray-painted DIY cloth attached on the wall behind the drum-set, with the writing “Social Enemies –Hardcore Punk”. Sublime!
At the end of the gig, we were lucky enough to taste a homemade coffee liquor (it was sensational) and tour the location of Saetta, that is still a beautiful place in progress; between labs/workshops, kitchen, old flyers, a small space used as a library, and practice rooms, we think this will become an important point of reference for this area, hoping that the neighborhood will understand these beautiful ideas of the kidz!

We would like to end this report by wishing the best to Saetta Autoproduzioni and Social Enemies, and reminding you that on November 3rd will take place “Marci Su Roma Festival”: we are trying to organize a second bus since that the first one is fully booked. Departures from Treviso, Ferrara, Bologna. For further information, this is the event! Come forward, the more we are, the grosser we’ll be!

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