Bologna City Rockers strikes again!

Bologna City Rockers has become synonymous with quality. In fact, after the last concert there are no more adjectives to describe the incredible work of this crew. But first things first: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 the eighteenth edition of Bologna City Rockers took place, in collaboration with Hellnation, at Sottotetto, a large and well organized venue, with eight bands such as Cockney Rejects, Ghetto 84, Komintern Sect, Mele Marce, Bomber 80, Spaccastronzi, Miners and Teppa.

We arrive from the previous evening at Vecchio Son and, after having had a chat and a beer, we enter just in time to see the final minutes of Teppa from Massa, who with their classic but effective oi won me over. I hope to see them soon maybe with their complete set!
Not even the time to have a chat with Christian from Anfibio Records (take a look, they have some great stuff in distro!) that it’s the turn of Miners from Bergamo. I haven’t heard them mentioned for a long time, finally I had the opportunity to see them live and I must say that their 80s oi, with lyrics that are mostly attentive to political issues, impressed me a lot. The 4 skinheads hold the stage well and are very close to each other. Follow them, we’ll hear about them!
I go out to drink a beer and we start again with greetings, especially I manage to have a nice chat with Fulvio and Benjamin (a big hug my friend) from Punkadeka. Back inside, Spaccastronzi from Crema with their name, goliardic songs about politicians and journalists and the singer’s USSR goalkeeper jersey, immediately put me in a good mood. But in addition to so much joviality the band gives great space to political and social issues that combined with an excellent stage presence of the singer and the faithful under stage give rise to a memorable concert. Very cool, exciting discovery!
And here come out Monta from Distruggi la bassa, Mattia who will have a birthday at midnight, Daniele, Chiara, Luca, Vera, Cesare, Angela, Carlo… and it’s soon hugs and beers! But let’s go on, in fact I turn around and Bomber 80 are already starting. What to say about this Florentine band… People start to enter in a massive way and I, who finally have the opportunity to see them live after listening so much to their songs at home, run in front with the many kids. Their street punk proposal is deadly, powerful choirs, great energy, melodic riffs and their experience can be seen all over. On “La Legge Del Marciapiede” a lung of mine explodes!
I need to get some air, in fact I go outside and I realize how many people have come for this incredible evening; on the other hand, I’ve heard more than one saying “this is the skin gathering of recent years”. Whether it’s true or not, I go back inside, there’s no time to lose, it’s up to the legends, it’s up to Mele Marce! I jump and sing like crazy all along their set made of blasphemy and working class, when I see a mythological figure, half man half Borghetti and it is the mythical Deni from Saetta Autoproduzioni, who announces on the microphone that last time with Mele Marce he broke his head diving from the stage so this time he won’t dive, in fact he stays to sing a couple of songs. Mele Marce are really cool and the harmony between the members and the audience is something magical. A unique concert, seasoned with a featuring with Romano from Stab. Goose bumps! After all these bands there are still three historical bands. In fact, it’s the turn of Komintern Sect from Orléans, France. The historic transalpine band brings its own sound made of sing along and a lot of energy; their show is fantastic, simple songs but that ooze with passion, impossible not to move your head to the rhythm and dare some easy chorus. If you don’t know them, go and listen to them.
I see that Sottotetto is repopulated, yes, I say to myself, it’s the turn of the idols of Bolognina, Ghetto 84! The oi/punk band gives emotions to the audience, performing a perfect set to say the least, the result of a unique attitude and a charismatic and determined presence on stage by all its members. I enjoy this concert until the last note and, like those present in the room, I think it will remain indelible in my memories.
And now it’s the turn of Cockney Rejects. Directly from the East End of London, directly from the bleachers of Upton Park, the band, supporter of West Ham, plays about twenty songs, interacting with the audience and making us jump, scream “oi oi oi!” and, ultimately, sweat like camels! Undoubtedly one of the best known bands in the world for what concerns oi!, Cockney Rejects play all their historical songs and it’s praiseworthy the athleticism of the singer who moves jumping and running from the beginning to the end. No need to add more, a great performance!

We reach the end and after having drunk the last beer and exchanged some opinions on the evening, we go back home, satisfied and happy to have spent a wonderful evening with a fantastic crew with values such as anti-fascism and solidarity, firm and anchored.
We thank Mascio and all Bologna City Rockers and all those who had the pleasure to chat and have a beer with us!

The last thought of this report goes to Stefano Massarenti, one of the Radio Punk family, who left us a few months ago and on this date would have turned 53 years old. Bye Massa, best wishes my friend, we will take you with us everywhere.


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