[LIVE REPORT] Beastie BO-Antifa Edition @Crash! October 4th, 2018

To start with a bang what seems a politically and musically “hot” autumn, I exploit disemployment and, throughout the week, I go seek two of the most followed Rapcore bands of the moment: Dsa Commando from Savona, abituèes of the raging lives in the penisula’s occupied places, and the exceptional guests, the Mosow death brigade from the ex URSS, Militant rap at its archetype. When I arrived on the scene after the usual desperate trip, I’ve finally had the opportunity to admire for the first time the new Crash’s occupation following last year’s infamous evacuation, what before was a bank now is a new building: a bliss! After the usual ritual chatting, I move to the underground to see part of Banana Spliff’s live, from Ancona, old school Hip Hop with some modern influences, which starts breaking the ice. After a brief time, Dsa go up un stage, bringing their best shots one after the other with not-so-gentle lyrics regarding political Power and “Italian style’s” respectability, which are sang out loud from their fans under the stage. Engines warmed up, the Moscows start with their roughest songs including “Ghettoblaster”, “It’s us” and “Viking’s life”. The Punk basis of their firsts Eps are instead followed by the more electronic ones from their last labour, “Boltcutter”, and by their mascot dressed as a crocodile which accompanies and tear’em up. Crash confirm their reality, hence see you soon folks!

Live report by Riccardo Santi
Translation by Anna Maria De Vincentis

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