Smashsound 1: a hell of a fest!

We start from Florence with our distro in our bags, the trip is a little bit of a mess but luckily when we arrived we met Sola, one of the smashsound collective, which brought us at the csa next. It’s the first time for us in that occupied place and as soon as we entered we were totally amazed. The building is huge and well arranged, in fact it hosts a lot of projects like the “popular”gym, two concert halls, a library, comfortable bedrooms, a bar well provided of alcohol (among which the very special bitter’s partisan) and, last but not least, a tango ballroom. Well yes, a self-managed tango ballroom and very popular with inhabitants of the neighborhood and surroundings. About that, Ivan, that walked us through the area and that we thank very much, told us that historically in Latin countries the tango was a dance with a strong social value and we have the opportunity to see it with our eyes as the hall is crowded. We were so delighted to be there at this benefit night for the collective “Da Rifredi ad Afrin”, and above all to give our support to a young collective made up of nice people like Tozzini, with whom we have established a good relationship which seems like I’ve always known him. What do you want to do, “Tozzini thief of emotions” cit.
Let’s start with the bands, the first one to play was the Equin Sterk from Rosignano Solvay dedicated to a simple and sometimes comic Oi!. On stage they are rehearsed and jaunty. Shortly after, the Iena went on stage, a band from Florence which released their first album called “Condanna a Morte” in March, listenable here. The trio, made up of band members such as
Bomber 80, Carlos Dunga and xDeloreanx, plays healthy old school Oi!, with no frills and effectively. Both Ivan and Marco are the main voices, with Alex as well helping in the choirs. Very good and absolutely on the piece! It is then, between chatter and beers, the time of the Spartanics directly from the anti-fascist Leipzig. Trio dedicated to a street punk / o with a strong impact and with musicians who do their own without making a mistake. Easy and direct, dynamic lineup and great determination! After the concert of the Spartanics you go to congratulate Tozzini, where between the rivers of borghetti and slaps on the shoulders comes the gig of the Sharp
Cut, also a trio, also from Leipzig. The three anarchists skinheads, give us inside with their working class Oi! with great shot and great charge. Even here, like all the bands of the night, the proposal is simple but done damn well. We liked them a lot and soon we will review their album!
The event ends late, with an all-vinyl ska dj set, which made us dance for hours.
We leave the next day, tired but happy to have spent a wonderful night and we wanted to thank the Smashsound Collective (Tozz and Sola, you are so great) and all the comrades, skins and punks who have organized the event and that welcomed us with great hospitality.
A heartfelt thanks to Matsu for the company and the return journey. What else to say … See you soon!

Live Report by Tom & Zoe
Translation by Matsu



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