Sham 69, Justify All Means, A.I.D.S. | Centro Giovani Monfalcone |14th Dec 2018

A night that seems interesting and that will, for sure, warm up our tired bones. So, we went, exactly on time, to the Spazio Giovani in Monfalcone, a little venue in the city centre, which can contain only 90 persons! For sure, it will be sold out!


I talked a bit with the guys that organise the event, who are really working hard to bring such bands in an area that suffers a lot from the lack of music spaces, debate and support. Therefore, I would like to thank these people, especially Davide, for their commitment!


Just the time of half cigarette, and A.I.D.S. started as fast as fuck! I’ve already talked about them, check the San Pauli HC gig report, but I have to say that this night they are even better, maybe because the sound in the room is better, or who knows… but, anyway, I really like them. Check ‘em out especially La Prova dello Specchio!


Justify All Means were next. It is a band from the Netherlands, in which plays also the bassist of Total Chaos. I didn’t know them ma they have been the greatest surprise of the night! I say it openly: their punk hardcore mixed with metal riffs are a splendid music in my ears. Great, really great! In fact, I have already put my hands on their last album ‘Welcome to This World’, in which is included My Life My Way, the song that I appreciated more during the live set.


Before I start talking about the Sham 69 set, I want to make a small clarification: I know that this is not the original line-up of the band, and I also know that many fans don’t agree with this. Well, I know about the controversy about the band. I was lucky enough to see the original Sham 69 with Jimmy playing live at the Rebellion festival, and I can say that that show was amazing. Nothing to compare.

However, I want to be unbiased and talk about this Sham 69 with Tim V for what they are, a good band, and I also want to talk about music. We owe this to the guys that organize the event, and we owe this to music.


So the Sham 69 – Tim V version got up on stage on time and they started playing a good setlist, full of those classic songs that everyone knows such as ‘I Don’t Wanna’, ‘Ulster Boy’ and ‘Borstal Breakout’. They are good musicians, of course, Tim V’s voice can’t be compared with Jimmy but he is fucking good and he is also funny and he tried to entertain the public. Unfortunately, some drunken guys threated to ruin the relaxed atmosphere more than once: well, at end, no one was hurt but for sure, the beers were finished! The four members of the band tried to finish their set but it started to get late and so they ended with ‘If The Kids Are United’, of course, the most significant song of setlist. They left the stage just a bit before an amazing stage invasion! Well, they left without saying thanks or goodbye, and that’s a pity – also because they cut out 5 songs I think.

Anyway, it has been a great night and the most important thing is to keep up the support to this crew, which brings great bands and a lot of fun in our Friday nights!

Photogallery by Francesco Dose

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