New album for Teenage Bottlerocket

“Stay Rad” will be released on March 15th via Fat Wreck Chords

Teenage Bottlerocket announced (see the full scoop here) the release of their eight studio album. Its title will be “Stay Rad” and they’re premiering a song to celebrate. “I Wanna Be a Dog” is available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.

It’s the first album of original material that the band made following the death of former drummer and Ray Carlisle’s twin brother Brandon.

“I’m definitely proud of it,” says Ray. “It’s cool how we all came together through something so tragic and made one of our best records. I think Brandon would really love it”.

“Stay Rad” is made up of 14 tracks. Among them, “Everything To Me”, Ray’s touching but hilarious tribute to his son, “Stupid Song”, a not-so-stupid song about the drudgery of day-to-day life and using music to escape it, and “Little Kid”, a poignant ode that Ray wrote about his brother that charts the joys of their childhood together while also lamenting his loss.

The album will be followed by a short tour of the US that starts at the end of March before they head to Europe in the second half of April.

And as for their hopes for this record?

“I hope that people check it out,” says Ray. “You’re always going to have fans that are like ‘I stopped listening to them after Total or whatever’, but there are some who stuck with us the whole way and I think they’re going to love this record. I hope that everybody gives it a chance.”

“I want to sell a bazillion copies and spend all the money on useless shit,” laughs Kody. “But really, we do this band because it’s fun and it’s what we’re good at. We’re all close friends and I couldn’t imagine why we would ever stop.”

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