Antifa concert: Marzolo Occupata’s 5th birthday

Marzolo Celebrates with The Casualties, Call The Cops, Charged Attack, Latebra

Saturday 19th of January will always be engraved in the hearts of many punks that came to the Marzolo Occupata in Padua. Why? Well, keep reading and you will discover it… who knows us, know also our political and social commitment, both personal and as a project. So, be there, in a DIY place, free from fascism, racism, sexism and commodification, make us really welcomed, and then, we need to add, the gig was organized as a benefit for all those companions who have troubles with the law.
To be clear: just recently, 12 companions have been charged with an unauthorized sit-in, because they squatted in the Marzolo canteen and in the Student’s House giving back an empty place to the city. Anyway, the Marzolo Occupata is resisting and that Saturday was its 5th birthday: 5 years of political commitment, initiatives, fights and resistance. We wish to the Padua companions all the luck!
A part from the Padua guys, many other collectives had organized the evening, among which we find the unstoppable guys of the distruggi la bassa.
Well, our journey to Padua went well, among beer cans and some chat with our friends Ezio e Giulia from Udine. We entered and we put up immediately our distro with our brand new foldable table- what the fuck? You are not interested, right? – and we had the opportunity to talk also with Elisa and Sciacallo of Bug Radioshow, Matteo, Canthc, Call The Cops, Mongy and the Bologna Punx crew!
Just a sec and we ran to the concert hall, where Latebra were starting to play their set. The young band presented us a fast hardcore. From the same moors where Attrito and Congegno come from, Trento of course! The four guys mixed up thrash metal, with a punk attitude, giving way to a powerful hardcore, full of anger and peculiar. Young bands like that deserve all our support: beliefs, commitment and attitude, go on guys!

Then Charged Attack played, a band from Padua that has been around a few years and that empowered the audience. Especially the UK scene influences their street punk, and for their entire setlist, they smashed the stage as fuck! Then we found on stage the Call the Cops.
We’ve already talked about the four Bolognese guys, but every time it is a pleasure to see and to talk about their set. Always full of energy and anger, the Call The Cops arrived with the usual set, with the guitar and voice interchangeable, and the kids under the stage went wild.
Their coarse street punk mixed up with crust and fill up with sharp lyrics made us crazy! Finally, we put our hands on their vinyl, “Bastards” that we will put in loop mode. If you missed them around, go to the next show, absolutely!
Then it arrived the time to see the Casualties. David has a charismatic voice and under the stage, we had the opportunity to meet him, and he is very humble, gentle and friendly with everyone – which is really a great thing!
There were many young punks that came here – and that’s a good thing as well because it is exactly in these kinds of places that they need to move their first steps as punks! – but also many old punks went wild creating a huge mosh pit during the gig.
We enjoyed the live set, even though we usually follow young bands and DIY bands. However,The Casualties played really well and they were really powerful, moreover, they sent more than one anti-racist and anti-authority message, and that’s a thing that gains our respect. The setlist ended with their hit song “We Are All We Have”, unifying everyone in one big chorus.

As we always say, for us the talking about a determined event is just one of the points of view, and it is subjective and one can also dissent. For example, the webzine Disastro Sonoro expressed a different opinion, and even if it is different, it deserves to be read and respected. Because different points of view engage a debate, make us face a diversity. And even if it is true that online it is not possible to ‘truly talk‘, at least you can challenge yourself and learn something different.

We are satisfied by the evening for many reasons: all the profits will be donated to support the legal bill of our companions, all the bands gave a strong political and social message, we supported a DIY space and we met old friends and companions. And we are also happy because many young punks, thanks to the Casualties gig, have come in contact with this scene.

Moreover, in the end, we want to cheer and thank everyone that passed by our little table, our brothers in Distruggi la Bassa, Monta and Ciro, our journey mates, Ezio and Giulia, and everyone that fought to organize the night, and everyone that was there! See you next time!

Credit photo by: Canthc

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