Guarda il nuovo video degli Short Fuse!

Short Fuse: Il video di “Sink Or Swim” è online!

I romani Short Fuse hanno pubblicato il 22 gennaio il loro primo video per la canzone “Sink Or Swim”, contenuta nell’omonimo album della band uscito per Indelirium Records

Il video è girato da Flavio Gasperini con l’aiuto di Skillo Causeffect e degli amici della band allo Spin Time Labs.

Bando alle ciance e godetevi il video di questa fantastica hardcore band!


With the pangs in my stomach
that accompany me 
since I was born
I’m trying to find a cure 
for my discomfort.
I wish my doctor could 
ease this pain
but neither pills
nor special treatment are needed.
Warm is the cure
light of the day that maybe
one day will rise again
melting the thin ice
inside the cold human heart
resigned to the pain.
I’m fighting for 
something good
for a rose 
that blooms
in a green field as every other
life on the Earth.
It’s something worth fighting for
to build and not to destroy
to unite and not to divide 
to walk on the edge
without ever falling.
Only who falls surrenders
and they are the ones
who sink into the abyss.
Getting back once you’ve fallen 
it’s not easy
it has always been
harder than falling down.
Do you want to sink or to swim?

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