Review: Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Hobos: Let’s discover the new album by the band from Venice!

I have been thrown into a dimension in which Swedish death metal happily boozes in company with punk hardcore. What am I talking about? I am talking about “Nell’Era dell’Apparenza”, the new Hobos album. This band from Veneto, after releasing a full length followed by several split records, comes back with a CD plus digital tracks out on Spikerot Records and a vinyl version of the album on Assurd Records. “Ghe sboro”, as they say!
The record – yup, I got the vinyl in order to write this review – has been released at the Argo 16 on the 4th of November and consists of ten fast, powerful and shouted tracks that make the mark. The lyrics lean towards the nihilistic side and include a harsh and straightforward critique to the society we live in – as you can guess by the title of the album -. The awesome artwork is by Lenny Lucchese, the live studio recording took place at Spazio Aereo in Marghera by Hobos, Luca De Poli and Daniel Grego while the voice has been recorded at the Drunk For Beat Studio in Bologna by Luca De Poli. The album has been mixed at Mal De Testa records by Daniel Grego and Hobos and mastered at Groove Studio by Tommaso Mantelli. Anyway, the sound is excellent.
As we were saying at the beginning of the review, this album is the perfect mix of Swedish death metal (Entombed above all) and plenty of punk hardcore attitude. Add to this a fair dose of grindcore and, in my opinion, you will get the picture of the sensational outcome. At first listen they reminded me of Inepsy but, believe me, this Hobos album is really difficult to define: the sound in general and the riffs, along with the drum work (masterpiece!) and the vocals, are unique and unmistakable. So, never mind the genres, this is Hobos, period!
The album hits the ground running with the songs ”L’incubo della follia” and “Uno di troppo” – the latter is the album’s single from which a video about Matte joining the band has been made -. The third track, “Prega per te”, starts with a really nice blues performed by the “sixth Hobo”, Lore of gli sportivi. Then the album keeps going with “Fino alla fine” and “La fine dei sogni”, song marked by mid tempos as if the band wanted to give the listener some rest. The sixth track, “Brucia dentro”, is my favorite song – despite a dead heat between this song and the eighth track, “Generazione testa bassa” -. The seventh track, “L’era dell’apparenza”, is once again a slightly slower song, but only at the beginning, as it speeds up over time. The last two songs are “Ora d’aria” and “Essi vivono”, the first one features Otto of Grog/Culto Del Cargo on vocals and both songs lead us with a slower tempo to a terrific end of the album.
No shit, even though it’s just January, we already have a serious candidate for best album of the year. Total masterpiece, highly recommended to those who love punk and metal played with passion and anger.

Rating: 9/10

Translated by Pepe TMD
Reviewed by Tom

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