Bologna City Rockers 19: Hasta Siempre Sigaro!

Bologna City Rockers at Sottotetto in loving memory of Sigaro

Taking part in the events organized by Bologna City Rockers is becoming a beautiful habit. We feel so at home that we no longer even look at the line-up: in fact we mark the date on our diary and we start!
Now in its nineteenth edition, in collaboration with the legendary Robertò’s Hellnation, the Bolognese crew gives us an incredible marathon of pure street punk, with 10 groups. And what groups!
We leave early so as not to miss even a moment of the evening and also because – “historical” event – we will bring the distro to Sottotetto Soundclub for the very first time. As soon as we arrive we say hello to Mascio, Angela and the rest of the kids from Bologna, Cesare, Matteo, Teo and Tozzini; after that, we settle down next to Lux from Tornado Ride Records. Ah, today we show off, just like at the stadium, our flag, freshly arrived, and we will also make a photo gallery that you will see at the end of the report. Today, in short, new stuff, fresh stuff! The time to take the well-deserved beer that we immediately go and greet Christian from Anfibio Records and Robertò and then on to the concert hall where we enjoy Prodotti Locali, a band since 2014 that is not intimidated by the still few present, and that offers us a naked and raw old school oi!. Like Basta, but with a Bergamo accent!
Then it’s up to Pressa, a band from Civitavecchia and the surrounding area that we listened to so much and that convinced us so much in the studio version with “Irresponsabilmente”. The trio performs very well, also thanks to the very good instrumental technique of all members, especially the bass player, which gives an extra kick. Street punk as it should be. If they structure even better the set, for example in the management of pauses between one track and another, they can become even more devastating, but this is a small subjective constructive criticism, we are not music critics eh! In the meantime, congratulations and go… “You in life press and don’t let them breathe, to defend yourself it’s always better to attack!”
Then it’s time for Iena, a band from Florence with members from Carlos Dunga, Bomber 80 and xDeLoreanx. Already seen at the smashsound Fest, we gladly come back to hear them also because their raw and simple oi is very personal and also the presence on stage, a trio with the two main voices, makes everything very original and different. It seems that these three are like the Mida kings of punk, whatever they play turns into gold!
Let’s go back to the polar ice where our distro lies, which, in spite of everything, among self-produced key rings, records and cassettes is appreciated and this is a pleasure! Sooner or later we will do discogs, promised, meanwhile if you want the catalog please write to
After this shameless and shameful advertisement, we go back to the room, where it’s the turn of New Blood, a band from Carbonia, a territory that we already know because our Sardinian trusted bartender’s myrtle comes from there. Formed from the ashes of Ciurma Skins, the band, which to be here has made a long journey, gives a sequence of tracks with the right energy. Definitely a good discovery, we’re listening right now to their split album with Dead End Street, what a blast!
Finally we can have a chat with Cesena Disagio Itinerante Crew led by Daniele and Mattia (today in straight edge mode) and with Chiara, Luca and Vera. It seems incredible, but we are not even halfway up the lineup. In fact, Uguaglianza, a historic band from Savona recently reformed for the kids’ delight, is starting! The Ligurian group unleashes the people present and shows an incredible experience and hold on stage. Their street punk mixed with more melodic and refined riffs is classy stuff. Energy and brain, we hope to see you soon!
After a perfect stage change, as always, Hexen begin. The Basque band has the peculiarity of being formed by 5 girls, a very rare example in oi that therefore immediately caught our attention. There’s not much to say, they know what they do and they remind very much of Blitz and other old school English street punk bands. United and compact in their sounds, they perfectly perform their songs, with great rhythm and energy.
It’s the turn of Razzapparte, legendary band from Viterbo that finally we can see, as well as being a good opportunity to chat with Flavio (vocals) and Capò (drums). We are talking about the history of the anti-fascist oi!, in fact the quintet is solid and devastating!
A fine set that reaches its peak with “Dietro Le Sbarre”, with the chorus sung at the top: “every prison on the ground will fall, against the system no mercy!”.
After them come r.a.s., a long-standing Parisian band, for the first time in Italy thanks to BCR. The historic French oi band gives an excellent set, also thanks to the dynamism conferred by two singers who perfectly alternate and a solid rhythm section. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to see them again, it was a real pleasure!
The time stops for a few minutes and on stage we see the crew of bcr with a huge banner in honor of Sigaro, a member of the Banda Bassotti who recently passed away. “Hasta siempre Sigaro” so the guys from Bologna decide to say goodbye and thank him, stressing that if we are here it is mainly thanks to him. Thanks for everything Sigaro!
Time to toast with a grappa and a Borghetti and immediately Dalton, a classic band for Bologna City Rockers, start. For us, however, it’s the very first time, even if the vinyl “Come Stai?” was played again and again on our record player. We dive in, sing, jump and extend our arms during the sing along. Musically, their punk rock is studied and made with the heart, also thanks to lyrics written with great lucidity and sung with great passion. On stage then, fantastic… It was beautiful, very intense. Go Dalton, we love you!
Last to climb on the prestigious stage of Sottotetto are RPG-7. The band sounds very much like the recent Non Servium and even if – for now – less known, they have nothing to envy to more famous bands of the oi/street punk/hardcore panorama. Powerful, violent, surgical and explosive, they kept punks and skins glued to the stage, with flights from the stage every now and then. We had a lot of fun and, I repeat, this band must be followed. Monstrous performance (in a positive sense), technically flawless and great feeling with the audience!

Our evening with Bologna City Rockers friends, after a lot of groups, a lot of friends met, a lot of beautiful people and a great amount of cold taken in the distro area, ends here. Thanks for everything, as always for the welcome, the incredible kindness but above all for continuing to give life to this wonderful counterculture. See you next time, oi!

Report by Tom e Zoe
Credit photo: Zoe

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