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Discover the debut ep by Peste

Peste present their self-titled EP released thanks to This Is Core, recorded and mixed by Magma Studio and Davide Donvito, later mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studio in San Francisco.
The band, composed by members of Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today and Papazeta, offers us a decidedly dark punk/hardcore, full of negativity and hate towards the human race that, according to the band, does not hesitate to destroy everything around him without any remorse. The EP, available in 7″ vinyl, is composed of five tracks lasting a maximum of one minute and fifty-eight. Mercy, Faith, Dead, Humanless, Coffins. The titles of the pieces reconfirm the dark themes.
Scratching voices and very tight rhythms alternate with more cadenced and heartbreaking rhythms, as in “Dead” where in just one minute and thirty-nine of song the band manages to perfectly merge the two natures. Then follows “Humanless”, my favorite track of the ep, where the alternation of rhythms becomes more pressing creating a dynamic mix between hardcore and riff and blast beat typical of black metal with crust influences. This ep by Peste leaves me “pleasantly annoyed”, the misanthropy that the band wants to convey is rendered perfectly by the set of titles, lyrics, sounds and also thanks to the continuous guitar feedback. I hope to see them live as soon as possible!

Rating: 7.5

Review by Elizabeth Zoe
Translation by Cinzia Forte

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