Review: The Old Firm Casuals – Holger Danske

Old Firm Casuals return with a new album

It’s no use saying that it’s a honor to me to write this review, and it’s no use telling you why (it’s so obvious). But I can tell you that the quartet from San Francisco never misses a shot.
Once again these guys proved it by bringing out a motley, accurate and non-monotonous album that makes the listening interesting: “Holger Danske” is one of those records you won’t have enough of easily.
Digitally released in advance on 15th February, it’s materially available starting from the 15th March through Pirates Press Records (for the USA) and Demons Run Amok Entertainment (for Europe), moreover in a wide range of colored vinyls that makes it all more fascinating.
Regarding the music, the Old Firm Casuals can touch and embrace different genres, leaving its stamp (not so easy to do, since nowadays many are just so close-minded), maybe because they’re also great musicians and experts.
To sum up, we can define their style by recalling the title of a song of this record, that is “casual rock ‘n’ roll”, as thought by many others.
Let’s talk about the songs: one of my favorites of this album is exactly the first track “Get Out Of Our Way“, a very fast and angry song addressed to those who haven’t believed in this band and those who have badmouthed and despised them (as declared by Lars in a recent interview). This is a song I’d gladly dedicate to ‘my own worst enemy’, just like they did, in a way.
From the kind of hardcore style of the first track we pass to “Motherland”, whose oi! style with a hint of rock ‘n’ roll drag you to a very catchy and satisfying melody. This is the first single taken from the album, you must see the video if you still haven’t done it!
Remaining in the wake of rock ‘n’ roll, we find the lively “Pendulum” followed by the interlude “De Ensomme Ulve” that starts with a riff in AC/DC style, which has the lead role in this song; its end leads us to the main song of the album, that is “Holger Danske”, a well-finished and well-thought-out tune. The intro composed of an acoustic guitar chords progression interrupted by a decisive and melancholy melody (that will repeat later in this song) is the perfect combination that makes this piece really impressive; the guitar riff gives an extra touch typical of their style. The obtained effect is glorious, to say the least.
“Casual Rock ‘N’ Roll” doesn’t really need any introduction, I think the title says it all: with its overwhelming and cheerful rhythm, rockstar guitar solo and handclaps the only thing to do is throw yourself brightly on the dancefloor!
We stay on the floor, this time with anger, because it’s the turn of “Traitor”: Lars and Casey alternate in this enraged hardcore climate, and it’s over for everyone. Surely a song that beats down and one of my favourites. Then it comes the tune of “The Golden Fall Pt.1” to calm ourselves down (and my inside rage too), but the vigor of Casey in “Thunderbolt” takes us back on the straight and narrow; furthermore, his voice reflects his determination on the song. Amazing!
The guitar solo played at full blast in “Overdose Of Sin” forewarns us a first-rate song: in less than 2 minutes it gives intense emotions and shows the great musical technique of these bad boys.
We are almost at the end, we can guess it by the serenity of “Nation On Fire”, which gives us a little break (in a good way, obviously) in classic Old Firm Casuals style.
But Gabriel and Lars got to like playing solos and for the last track “Zombies”, after an intro of drums followed by bass line, start greatly to finish then the album with a flourish. Also, I really like the passage to the chorus (singed by Casey) in which the guitar part changes from palm mute to a more rock rhythmics with open chords and sounds, as in the intro.
Well, I may be biased but we can’t deny the facts: the Old Firm Casuals are one of the best bands out there for sure, it can combine the tradition and innovation perfectly, they’re original and a symbol by now. There’s nothing more to say, just that you should come to Italy more often, dear guys!

Album rating :10/10

Review by Chiara Piva

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