Youth Of Today Collective Fest #5 – VEHC Fest Warm Up @ CS Rivolta, Marghera, 30th March 2019

Much more than Hardcore at the Youth of Today fest


This year, the Youth of Today Collective decided to celebrate their 5th anniversary at the CS Rivolta in Marghera, and that was the occasion to enjoy also the warm up show for the Venice Hardcore Festival, one of the biggest events in spring in Italy.

So, perfectly on time, we reached the doors of Rivolta to take part of this Hardcore fest.

Setlist of the night? A treasure! The bands are

– Destroy All Gondolas

– CosaNostra

– Overdrive Banzai

– Game Over






– Guerra



– 06AM


And as they stated, it started early and will finish trashed. At 7.30 started 06am, a band which just released their EP,  and which deserve more than a quick listening.

I should talk about all the bands, because they all deserve to be described, but I want firstly to talk about the collective that has been able to bring to the stage a lot of bands, all different, a collective that works to organize fests in a difficult period and that still believes in punk hardcore and in its principles.

On stage we saw bands of different genres, from the purest Hardcore by Oltrezona, to a love punk rock by Mother (which released an EP absolutely great), to a kind of street punk by Güerra (another band that strike me – and they had an amazing sticker at their merch stand).

Despite the different genres everyone enjoyed the night, everyone moshed and drinked, because punk is unity and it is fundamental to stay united.

Talking about the bands… As I was saying, I really enjoyed Mother, included the guests on stage, and their really touching set. I also enjoyed Güerra with their energy and great presence on stage! It was the first time I saw xPestex live and I have to say that they hit me with their sound! Well done guys!

The other great discovery of the night are Rough Touch, the second band on the bill, while, as usual, I appreciate the energy of Oltrezona and CosaNostra. A special welcoming also for Riviera, which are not my cup of tea but they moved me with their speech.. Thanks to this we can enjoy the true meaning of family!

Due to some issues I had to go before the last band, Destroy All Gondolas, but I am sure I will have another opportunity to jump with them.

The other bands are not something that I usually listen to, but of course, it is just my opinion, and nevertheless they bring on stage all their efforts so at the end it is a pleasure to listen to them.

And so a big cheers to everyone that put up this great night devoted to music and to the best hardcore!

Phtogallery by Francesco Dose

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