Interview with Attic!

Our chat with Attic from Mantua, Italy

After a 6-year-long break, Attic come back: this post-hardcore band from Mantua has just released its new album, completely self-produced, entitled “Interiors”, and now is ready to come back onstage. Let’s see what Attic tell us!

Radio Punk: Hi guys, and thanks for your willingness, it’s a pleasure to welcome you back on our website. Introduce yourselves to the ones who don’t know you yet…
Attic: Hi! First of all, it’s a pleasure for us to be here. We’re Attic, a post-hardcore band from Mantua. We’ve been playing for a long time, but due to various reasons we had to stop for about 7 years. Now we’re finally back after a change in line-up and ready to present our new record!

RP: The question springs to mind: which is the motivation? What urged you to return active after all these years?
A: Around 2012 we had to stop because of some problems concerning the line-up: all of a sudden we found ourselves without a singer and, since it turned out to be difficult to find a new one, we stopped for about 7 years. The rest of us kept writing songs anyway, and we felt the need to publish them one day or another. Luckily an old friend of us (Marco from Days of Collapse) offered to be our singer, so here we are. Meanwhile, also Stefano (from Days of Collapse too) joined the band as bassist.

RP: You self-produced and published your new album called “Interiors” during these days: what do you tell us about this record? How was it like ending up again in rehearsal room and compose?
A: As we said, we never stopped writing songs during those 7 years. We met up together in rehearsal room to compose hoping that someone would’ve been interested in giving his/her voice to our tracks. When Marco and Stefano joined us, we were completely in tune with them, so it was quite immediate to get on well to play together, besides the fact that they’re both excellent musicians.

RP: Now a classic but surely necessary question after a reunion: what’s in the future of Attic?
A: We have no high expectations! The initial idea was only to create these songs and try to play them around. But giving that logistically we find it difficult to rehearse, we didn’t want to take on any commitments. Since we always have to move among Brescia, Bologna and Vicenza, making long-term plans is not easy at all. Our priority was the making of the album. Now we’ll see how it goes and then act consequently.

RP: How is the musical, political and social scene over there? Are there any fanzine, social space, squat or meeting place?
A: This is difficult to explain in just a few lines… the Mantuan/Brescian “scene” is almost nonexistent. It’s not that there aren’t any bands, pubs or things like these, but it feels like everyone minds his own business. Anyway, we can notice that this is the general mood in this country. Hardcore music has always launched the message of collaboration and sharing. Nowadays it seems like these values have been moved to the background. However, there are also a lot of realities that resist, which are amazing, for example Arci Dallò in Castiglione delle Stiviere or Magazzino 47 in Brescia, both splendid for social commitment and live music.
As for labels, Epidemic Records and the newborn Baciasfalto have to be mentioned. People who work hard and put a lot of passion in it.

RP: Thank you for this interview, we’ll meet again soon downstage. If you have something to say to our readers, this is the right space!
A: Thank YOU! We’ll meet on April 20th at Arci Dallò in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) to celebrate the releasing of the record together with two other bands we love: NORTHWOODS and HAUNTING GREEN! It’ll be a great party!

Listen to “Interiors” here:

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