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A Hardcore Tuesday with 06AM, Nachos Party, Misery for a Living, Death by Stereo @Bar All In

The revenge of the countryside: a hardcore night

Well, what can I do on a Tuesday night in my fucking countryside? Thanks to the good fellas of Gorizia Hardcore &co, who together with the guys at Bar All In, organized a very great night with 06AM, Nachos Party, Misery for a Living and… wait for it… Death by Stereo.

So we all met at this small bar in a small village in the Northeast of Italy (it is called Villa Vicentina, Udine, check on Maps!). Just a quick chat, some cheers here and there, and the first band was ready to start on stage: 06AM, a local young band that mixes punk rock and fast sounds, a bit of craziness and a lot of energy! Check ‘em out!

Then was time for Nachos Party to hit the stage. They are a band born from the ashes of Hi-Per Grease – a band which I really liked a lot. Well, now they are a trio, fast and simple punk rock: it is time to start the paaaarty!

What makes a set special? The local heroes of course! And here we go with Misery for a Living, who as usual, gave us 20 minutes more or less of pure hardcore! You are always great, well done guys!

The timing was tight so the big moment of the night arrived: the legendary Death By Stereo hit the stage, led by the crazy and charismatic Efrem. Tonight they have a slightly different formation, but the Californian guys jump on and they spread energy everywhere in the room! Well, after so many years and many albums, after being around the world, it is a great pleasure seeing them in a small venue, still enjoy it, still having fun… they truly live the spirit of punk. No complaints on the setlist as well, the sounds are great and so, there’s nothing else to do, just to relax and enjoy the show! Let’s dance, sing, drink… who knows what can happen on a Tuesday night! Unfortunately, good things have an end, and unluckily I had to work the morning after, so I had to leave the party… anyway, thank you guys, it has been awesome!

Live report by Stef
Credit Photo: Francesco Dose

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