San Pauli Hardcore Day 1 – November 23rd, 2018 @San Paolo al Tagliamento, Italy

A rainy autumnal day, a tired Friday night… what can I do? Well, a great HC gig, of course! So let’s head to the party in San Paolo al Tagliamento (PN), called  San Pauli Hardcore United. Actually, it is a two-day fest, Friday 23rd of November and Saturday 1st of December. Let’s start with the first night of the fest, which will bring on the stage of this little bar, called ‘Dal Gusti’, in this little village on the river, four fucking great bands. In fact, in this first HC night we have on stage: The Dirty Swallows, Ant Abusers, A.I.D.S. e Shelf Life.

I arrived just in time to see the first band, which are the Dirty Swallows and with their old school hardcore are really a beast on stage! Jimmy, the singer, dances, rolls, jumps, screams: a true hardcore icon! I hope I will see them again, maybe for longer than 30 minutes.

The second band of the night are Ant Abusers, that started with their rock ‘n’ roll mixed with rockabilly and dancing surf rock, with various influences, even some punk! Well, it’s like listening to Johnny Cash on high speed! It’s not what I was expecting during a HC night but for sure the three musicians know their job and they are actually pleasant!

Then it’s time for A.I.D.S., a band that has just released their new album  “Spazi aperti, Muri ovunque”, and that plays for 30 minutes giving us the feeling of being beaten by a rotten HC, hard and fast! First time that I saw this band live and I will be glad to see them again during their winter tour. For sure, my favourite song is ‘La Prova dello Specchio’, but give a listen also to ‘Opinioni a Km 0’ and ‘L’Imbarazzo della Scienza’. Well done!

Last band on stage are Shelf Life from Venice, with their powerful hardcore that wash away every doubt you have on them. 20 minutes more or less, and they play their new and first EP, released in January, which includes the song “Changes”. A great show and an amazing energy for this band, which closes the first day of the San Pauli HC United!
Well, I arrived home satisfied and ready for the next HC gig!

Live report by Stef

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