Review: This Means War – Heartstrings

If you love the most melodic hardcore sound, you should take a listen to This Means War: straight from Belgium, these five guys have been members of bands like Discipline, Convict, Backfire!, Hidden Guns and many more. It’s no coincidence that these bands left their mark on this group; other musical influences added to these could be, based on my hearing, 7Seconds, H2O, Anti-Flag all mixed with nowadays Oi!. In 2017, year of their founding, the band published its first EP “Sailing Anarchy”, and at the immediate beginning of next year will be released, through Demons Run Amok label, its first full-length album called “Heartstrings”. Here a preview of this record, hope not to spoil all the details and not to ruin the surprise (I don’t guarantee I’ll succeed)…
Meanwhile, you can though listen to the first track “Why We Fight”, a melodic and rebellious punk-rock anthem that opens the album with decision.
Right in the first tracks I find that one song that makes my eyes bright: it is the following “Pressure”, a song I keep on listening loudly when I’m down, a little bit frequent mood in this period. I needed a song like this, good job.
But stop feeling sorry for ousrelves: the angry sound of “Hang ‘em High” and the happier tone of “The Unseen” make us retrace our steps and lead us to the next track, “Off With Their Heads”, cover of a beautiful song by the Old Firm Casuals, a band I’m madly in love with. I might be too biased, but even if the band followed accurately the musical style of the original song, it gave this cover a very personal touch, too, and I really liked it (in addition, I may be wrong, I think the band’s name could have been inspired exactly by them).
“Greed Is Out” is prone to oi! style: the beating and decisive rhythm is the background to chorus of a very catchy refrain.
And here comes the middle way between a hopeful and a melancholy song, “What Are Friends For”. I’m so into the guitar part, it’s like it “brightens” the song, a really nice effect they obtained.
The following “I Found The One” and “The Hand That Feeds” are typically quiet and melodic, unlike “Devil In Disguise” that is a mix of folk and lively punk-rock, which becomes tougher in the chorus.
It might be a coincidence, but the last track “Forever” reminds me of the latest Cock Sparrer: the guitar defines a simple and clear melody, incorporated by Sparrer’s characteristic oi! music like. I can say this sounds so good!
By and large, this album seems successful and well-recorded, I’m so curious to see them onstage somewhere, hopefully in Italy too. For now, I’ll arouse your curiosity till you can finally listen to it. Enjoy!


Reviewed by Chiara Piva

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