GOxHC Christmas Party | 23 Dec 2018 | Savogna d’Isonzo (GO)

There’s no Christmas without a hardcore party! That’s the rule! Therefore, the good boys at Gorizia Hardcore organized a hardcore afternoon/evening party with four finest Italian bands!

We arrived just in time to see Foolish Wives set, a young band from Monfalcone, which set on fire the stage and delighted the beginning of my night with their punk rock Californian-style. Nice start!

Just a bit of break, in order to fix the instruments and taste an amazing vegan sweet, and then Keep the Promise gave us all their raging energy! They are a band that mixes up hardcore and metalcore, and they are from Modena. Their new album is ‘Ghosts of Revenge’ and if you check it out you will hear how fast they are able to play! You can’t help yourself, you need to move your head!

Then First Brawl, one of the finest and most loved HC bands from Emilia-Romagna, started their set. They have just released a new album and classic hardcore bands such as Terror and Death Before Dishonor influence them. And you can feel all their energy hitting you while they’re playing!

MUD are a band from Abruzzo and with their ‘province’ hardcore conquered many kids. Their tour ‘The Sound of the Province’, brought them around Europe and now they are back in Italy to delight us with some hardcore and a fucking great breakdown. It’s the first time that I saw them live and I have to say that they really strike a chord in me!

Well, that’s the Christmas party that I needed: great energy and, as usual, great bands!

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