Live report: 🎶 Romagna mia, Ravenna hardcore! 🎶

We leave for Ravenna with our friends from Bug Radio Show. In the car we are a bit crowded among the distros, the tables and the huge spare wheel – the time you leave it at home you can bet that you get a flat tire – but time goes by quickly among chatter, beers and ignorant 90s dance music; we are really happy to spend this evening with Sciacallo and Elisa. The journey of hope along the Romea flows quietly despite the dozens of speed cameras that come out of the fucking asphalt. We arrive at Spartaco for Ravenna Hardcore‘s birthday and we are immediately warmly welcomed by Baku and Paolina from Rumagna Sgroza and Emi from Ravenna Hardcore; not even the time to mount all the distro that immediately Güerra start, we immediately go to the concert hall to listen to their oi/street punk of English inspiration; energetic presence on stage perfect to fill the evening with sing along in abundance! We had been hearing about it for a long time and finally managed to enjoy their show. “This Is Not The End”, great song!

Let’s go back to the stand that, thanks to its strategic position among sofas, bathroom entrance and the Bug radio show stand with their self-productions, becomes a meeting point, where you can chat with old friends and new acquaintances.

The second band is IntoTheBaobab that we have already had the pleasure of seeing on other occasions. The band from Bologna entertains with its direct punk enriched by interesting bass riffs and sing-along and engaging songs. Needless to hide our love for this trio, after repeated listening it’s always nice to jump under the stage and sing their songs in the name of “united subcultures”.

Quick stage change and Paranoid State start, a very pleasant surprise from the Netherlands that with their hardcore with post-hc veins sound, gives us a performance of great impact, an opinion that we share with many of the punks present. Attitude and energy, follow them!

LeTormenta. What can we tell you, one of the groups we were waiting for. The guys from Forlì come back, for the joy of the people rushed to Ravenna, to strike and leave an indelible trace in our heart. Poetry and hardcore attitude intertwine in a sublime way. We throw ourselves into the moshpit and let ourselves be enthralled for the entire set. It’s hard to describe such intense moments, you have to be down there. Thanks LeTormenta, we hope to meet you again soon!

The last group is Tear Me Down, a group that we never miss the opportunity to see again. Their great attitude and energy on stage -and off- makes the Spartacus explode; those present sing every single song at the top of their lungs and are one with the band and the moshpit becomes hellish! After a few songs we can finally understand the reason for the ladder on the Ravenna Hardcore logo: in fact, there is one in the middle of the moshpit from which everyone can dive. A very cool idea, which mixed with the superb performance of TMD, is explosive!

What can we say, it was a definitely sparkling start of 2019! We thank and greet once again the comrades from csa Spartaco, Ravenna Hardcore (happy birthday), Rumagna Sgroza, Mattia and Daniele from Cesena Disagio Itinerante Crew (a name invented now at random), Ingrid from Lo Sbrillificio, Stiv, Tommo and Elena, Emi, Mongy and Bolo Punx and our wonderful companions of snacks and travel, Sciacallo and Elisa. Congratulations to Ravenna Hardcore, Rumagna Sgroza and csa Spartaco who have brought out this wonderful evening, with happy people from everywhere. Self-management always wins! We from Radio Punk greet you, only punk hardcore gives you emotions and memories like these!

Live report by Tom and Zoe

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