The Casualties, Odpisani & Vivere Merda | Mostovna, Nova Gorica |15 Jan 2019

We Are All We Have: Welcome back The Casualties!


Mostovna has always been one of my favourite places. Great spaces, great atmosphere, and a lot of concerts. After some years away, I can come back here, for a fucking awesome concert: The Casualties with Vivere Merda (Italian band) and Odpisani (Slovenian band, very famous around here).

We arrived just in time to hear Alessia’s voice roaring on the mic, screaming words incredibly fast. I have heard Vivere Merda many times, and as usual, they gave all their energy on stage – this time with a better sound – involving people down the stage. Well, how can you dislike a song such as ‘A tutti i punx birra e vino gratis’ and ‘Nazi Merde’? (tr: To the punx, beer and wine for free / Nazi shit). Well done guys!

Just some minutes to talk with some friends, a cigarette, and Odpisani started their set. They are a Slovenian band, really famous around their country! They formed in 1995, and since then, the band toured along with all the punk rock bands that were stopping in Slovenia. After a small break, they came back in 2000 and they still have all the energy and hard sound of the beginning! I can’t understand a word, but yeah, great band!

Then it’s time for the Casualties, band that doesn’t need introduction, after 25 years on the road with their street punk/hardcore. The band introduced their new singer, David Rodriguez, who has spent long time in the punk rock world, and with his charisma, no one will miss Jorge!

The band, despite the fact that 25 years have passed, didn’t lose their grip, and they still have so much energy that bands much younger can be jealous! They played a great songs, one after the other, songs such as ‘Under Attack’, ‘Ugly Bastards’ and ‘Punk Rock Love’, but we can’t forget also their new songs, such as ‘Written in Blood’ and ‘Borders’. And after a general fuck off to Mr. Donald Trump, everyone jumped on stage to sing along ‘We Are All We Have’!

Thank you punx for this great Tuesday night!

Here’s the photogallery by Francesco Dose:

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