Review: The Unborn – Apoi!calypse

Let’s discover the new 7” by the band from Viterbo, Italy!

It’s with great pleasure that I’ve restartedwriting about an oi! band after several months. Today I barrel into the precious “Apoi!Calypse” by The Unborn, a band shrouded in mystery since five members have their heads covered in disquieting sacks, acting like medieval executioners, and as if that wasn’t enough, they have macabre names as well: The Shape, The Fog, The Blob, The Fiend and The Ghoul.
It wasn’t so easy to get this 7”, but our intelligence managed to catch one, and it’s still unknown how.. The mystery becomes thicker. Anyway, this four-tracks record is the result of a coproduction of 5 consolidated entities, namely Crombie Mediaoi-ThenischeRusty KnifeAnfibio Records and Tuscia Clan. The design was looked-after by Crombie Media, whereas the wonderful drawing was done by the cartoonist Giorgio Santucci and the photos were taken by  Michela Midossi. The bootleg, which is also translated in English, contains a magnificent speech by Alberto Farina, son of Corrado the director of “Hanno Cambiato Faccia”, film that gives its name to the third track.
The band formed in Viterbo in 2015 with the purpose of playing a kind of street punk mixed with the sci-fi/horror image that includes political and social messages easily transmissive. A real doozy for sure!
About the EP itself, the album was recorded live, sounds are well-cured and the “agonizing” an clear voice gives the effect of singing with a bag over your mouth, and this makes the atmosphere sullen and characteristic.
The guitars and bass lines are simple, but their riffs are specially-made. These four powerful and vivid songs made of an original street punk flow rapidly and, once the B-side is done, just turn the disc around and start it up again!
I have to admit that the first time I saw them live (that is last year in Bologna, before the Oi Polloi gig), they didn’t impress me so much; but after seeing them at Distruggi La Bassa festival and having listened to this record, they earned a place in my heart.
The Unborn, go on like this! Who knows, we might find out who you are!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Tom

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