Here’s Toscana Punk Rock BeerFest

Toscana Punk Rock BeerFest at its sixth edition

We are pleased to announce that Toscana Punk Rock will celebrate its 13th birthday with the sixth edition of BeerFest, which will take place at Foro Boario in Lucca on 15/16/17 March 2019.
Here’s the line-up with lots of punk bands:

March 15th:
Dalton: beatin punk from Rome
Lenders: oi! from Rome
Chromosomes: Leghorn punk rock formed in 1993!
One Night Stand: melodic hardcore band based in Livorno 
New Real Disaster: melodic punk rock from Lucca

March 16th:
legendary oi! band from Rimini, Italy active since 1993
Bomber 80: street punk band from Florence
Tondino Boi!s: Lucca oi!core
Sinners Squad: Lucca street punk
Coito Flambè: sarcastic punk from Lucca!

March 17th(acoustic sunday):
Jenny Woo,: acoustic oi project!
Path: folk beat story teller from Anguillaria Sabazia (Rome)
Missili,: punk rock from Tuscany
Dario Vinilico (Biffers
Matteo Caldari (7years)

In addition there will be live paintings, DJ sets, TPR beer and even a modern tattoo walk-in!
What are you waiting for? Take pen and paper and save the date!

More info about Toscana Punk Rock Beerfest can be found here:

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