Review: 30 Miles – Short Tales For Braves

Discover the new album by 30 Miles from Florence

The 30 Miles from Tuscany arrive in Japan with Short tales For Braves, an album that moves from modern hardcore to the millennial’s most melancholic pop. Vocal melodies exploration and well cared recording are the strenghts of this aggressive but also thoughtful product. “The Illusionist” is the track which fascinated me more, with his testosterone drive like Foo Fighters, opposing to the album’s general sound that reminds a little bit of the Get Up Kids (and also My Chemical Romance) on a tipical hardcore ritmic carpet, even if sometimes it is over the top, giving the idea that a few passages are more style excercises’ that a found art.
Samuele’s voice is more catchy when he lets himself be caught by soft melody lines, supported by a significant amount of well performed guitar riffs such as in “Candle Thief”, a song by wich it feels the quartet lyrics input’s drama and emotion.
In conclusion this “Short tales for braves” is a serious album, in a few cases too much, but it has the trimmies of a quality product, which won’t disapponit the genre fans’.

Rating: 7,5

Reviewed by Ruiha

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