Modena Punk Festival 3 @Libera, Modena | March 2nd, 2019

Modena Punk Fest w/ Call The Cops, Akrabut, Nabat, Güerra, 40127 Skinheads!

Even if we’ve not pulled ourselves together completely after the night at A Skeggia, we headed excited but also messed up to Spazio Sociale Libera in Modena. If you are a keen reader of our website subjects, you will probably remember Libera when we talked about Anarcholocaust Fest. That night looked promising; we arrived early at the location, greeted everyone and positioned our distro, receiving also compliments for our organization (we bragged a lot, for once!).
After finished handling our routine, we were drinking a deserved beer when suddenly were interrupted by a grasshopper, that caused moments of delirium and chaos among the stands.
We greeted also Lux of Tornado Ride Records, that became a great friend and “stand-mate” that night. Of the big grasshopper.
Just the time of some chats more or less useless that Call The Cops started their set. Onstage hanged a banner on which was written an appointment in the major square: this is always a pleasure, since the contents are always needed, besides the music and the bash. We hope somebody of this area noted down the defense.
Anyway, this time the band with the most advanced mind of the entire Bolognina was the first one to perform, and it’s rather easy to foresee why: they had been touring for several days with the Akrabut! Despite the evident tiredness, Call The Cops put their hearts in this high-level show beyond any snag.
It’s always beautiful to hear “Punk Attitude”, “Ode To Riot”, “Orizzonti d’Oppressione”, in which Marconcio, jumping on the crowd, risked to fall down, but was saved off the ground. You’re great, Call The Cops, and we love you! This is not a fucking lifestyle!
The next one that went onstage were the Akrabut from Haifa. Just back from a certainly strong tour too, they did their utmost, giving proof of having a big heart. A coarse, aimed, and violent band to the right point. Old school punk without frills and of great effect. They’re very determinate on stage, you should take a listen to them, you won’t regret it, word of Radio Punk!
Then, it was the turn of Nabat, the history of Italian oi!. Steno is charged even if the venue was not so crowded (let us say that the band didn’t deserve this at all). Anyway, the experience counts, and Steno revives the participating punks, involving them throughout the whole setlist. This consisted of their classic hits like “Zombie”, “Scenderemo Nelle Strade”, “Nichilistaggio”, “Vasco Q8″, “Laida Bologna”, “Potere Nelle Strade”, and also some new songs as the wonderful “Gossip Riot” and “Non Ti Fermare”. Maybe it’s because of their punk rock sound influenced by the blues, or maybe because they’re close-knit, but Nabat kicked ass. Hats off to them!
Between a set change and the other, we received some useful advice concerning photography, thereafter it was the time for Güerra from Forlì to play. The band proposes a oi! sound influenced by the English scene of the early 80s, even if it is still unique not only because its members have hair and play oi! (it’s just a joke, don’t get heated), but because musically it beats down and results original. Although it was late, these guys were in fine form and fascinated the crowd with their forte “This Is Not The End”, and caused a bit of chaos near the end of the setlist (I haven’t figured out if it was a cover song or one of their hits. Güerra, if you’re reading this live report, let us know the title of that song! In any case, you’re cool without a doubt!
Before that 40127 Skinheads hit the stage, we had the time to mop up our wares, since that two people “decided” to collapse lovingly on our stand. Hoping this would be the first and last time, but worrying this could be the first in a long series, we picked up everything and got a bunch of apologies from one of the two; the other one was so wasted that probably didn’t realize all of this. We appreciated and would like to highlight the immense solidarity from those who were around and noticed us: little gesture that make us really pleased. Thanks to all our friends that helped us!
But regarding the live set, 40127 Skinheads were the last to perform and were up to date. These young guys are really on top of things, we’ve always said that. With attitude, heart and passion, a lot of passion. There’s a great feeling/affinity amiong them, and their musical proposal of street punk mixed with blues/rock ‘n’ roll is a lotsa stuff. The lyrics are singable and not common at all, with “Proletario San Donato” we lost our voices! You guys are great!
With this last performance, it’s arrived the end of the night, we cleared out our distro and permitted ourselves a deserved rest.
As always, thanks to the bands that played, the participants, the comrades of Libera, Bolo Punx, DisASStro, Tornado Ride Records, Infamia and those that helped us fixing up the distro after the accidental fall of those two punx (today in the version of the national team of dive as Tania Cagnotto style). But a mystery remains unsolved: what happened to the grasshopper?

Translation by Chiara Piva

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