Mantis, Habak, Schifonoia at Stella Nera Modena, Italy | March 15th, 2019

Live report and photo gallery about the gig in Modena

We leave to Modena, for a two-day trip that promises to be sparkling: Friday night at Stella Nera and Saturday at Libera Officina. On the first evening we will have the presentation of the antisexist fanzine “Circe” which, as the cover itself states, offers “ideas for the deconstruction of genre in freed spaces”. We like the central topic very much, because the fight against machismo, sexism and transphobia are often taken for granted even in spaces that, as we said before, are freed and therefore considered safe. Unfortunately we were able to attend only part of the presentation, but don’t worry, we took copies of this zero issue to read and add to our distro. Also inside, along with the articles, you can find a test on antisexism and an email to which you can send your articles or personal thoughts.
The evening is promising, though there is not an oceanic crowd of participants, we arrange the distro together with Ivan and Paolo from Dis-ass-tro who have a cool stand full of queer material silkscreened by them.
We move to the concert hall where Mantis start, an all-female dark-doom group from Venice that manages to create the right dark atmosphere, consistent with their genre. They can certainly improve in the live performance and in stage presence but despite this we appreciate their ideas and proposal!
Between a drink, a game of table football and a few chats, it’s time for Habak from Mexico. The quintet from Tijuana brings to the Stella Nera stage a really particular and engaging melodic crust. Excellent musicians with great complicity, they play and sing tracks full of energy and rage.
Last but not least are Schifonoia, anarchopunk trio inspired by the 80s. A bit rough but pleasant, with the singer-drummer inserting interludes of his own poems. Great guys, we appreciate your attitude and your content!
It is late but the evening is not over yet, in fact, after closing the distro, it’s time to unload all the last energies with a bit of healthy trash! El Pollo Loco awaits us on the floor and makes us dance, sing and sweat until the last track with lots of turns and dips better than Raffaella CarrĂ ! The situation is very cool and perfectly closes this pleasant evening.
We go to bed tired but at the same time ready for next evening, we thank the Stella Nera collective, Dis-ass-tro for the company, the bands and all those who came to our stand to have a chat!

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