Review: Blowfuse – Daily Ritual

Blowfuse from Barcelona are back with a new album!

Those who have attended their dynamic live performances (in Italy you probably saw them at Venezia Hardcore 2017) may know that we’re dealing with a uninhibited band for sure. Well, in this review we’re pleased to talk about the new album of this Barcelonian band. It’s called „Daily Ritual” and is ideal for 90s nostalgics, revisited in modern tone; it was published thanks to Epidemic Records (in Italy), Long Beach Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Paper – Plastick Records (USA), HFMN Crew (Spain), Morning Wood Records (the Netherlands), Disconnected Disconnect Records (UK), Infected Records (Portugal), Melodic Punk Style (Poland). Yeah, because it’s influenced by Californian punk rock, the one matched with the skate, with refined riffs and a bit of trial in some parts too.
Even if the message they convey is that they’re simply Blowfuse, and that’s really important for a band.
Honestly one of the most technically skilled, original and lively punk rock bands I’ve ever listened to.
„Daily Ritual” is full of changes in rhythm: in fact, we can enjoy the speed and intensity since the first track „Dreams” and also in „Grand Golden Boy”, whereas we can appreciate virtuosities and auditory innovations in many other songs, in particular in „Outta My Head”.
As you can see I’ve only mentioned three, but this is a high-level album in which every track will amaze you, and surely this record deserves a lot.
Whether you’re punk rockers dreaming California or nostalgics of the playstation game „Tony Hawk Pro Skater” soundtrack, or music lovers in search of novelty, „Daily Ritual” by Blowfuse is just what you need!

Review by Tom
Translation by Chiara Piva

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