Review: Urban Vietcong – Storie tra Bottiglie e Ciminiere

First full-length by Urban Vietcong

I’ve finally get my paws on Urban Vietcong new album, “Storie Tra Bottiglie e Ciminiere” from Livorno. I didn’t even have time to take out the 12” that the cd fell down. I lash out. But at least I find out that there’s also the CD inside the package. And it is good given that it will accompany me on road trips. But let’s proceed with order… The Urban Vietcong are at their second work, considering that in 2016 the album that made me know them came out, or else “A Colpi di Machete”. Announced on our site by a very iconic video, this album came out thanks to Out Of Control, Fire and Flames, Rebel Time and Rumagna Sgroza..
Talking about the musical aspect, it starts with a spoken intro and the music was in secondary aspect “6/1988”, after that the album is a succession of street punk with politicized lyrics as we like.
The riffs are melodic at the right amount and cutesy at all alternating with splendid bass lines and a drum always fits. Sweating rebellion, songs sang by Bebe are ready to be scream out loud under the stage.
There’s even space for great collaborations in “Storie tra bottiglie e ciminiere”: in fact the Urban Vietcong are accompanied by Kento in “I Dannati Della Terra” and Tullamore in “Drunken Sailor”.
It’s hard to find the best song, thanks to the album’s uniformity as it is the classic album to listen down the hatch, but thanks especially to the band’s great invention, which was capable of mixing a not really innovative genre such as street punk, with various punk rock/hardcore influences.
But after a few listening, I want to mention the great “Fastidio e Aggregazione”, lyrics are wonderful, shocking music.
C’mon, you got it, I fell in love with “Storie Tra Bottiglie e Ciminiere”, in fact while I put it on paper, I’m listening it in loop again. Buy it the vinyl if you can, it is splashed red, it is chic.
That’s said, Urban Vietcong…Chapeau!

Rating: 8

Translation by Anna Maria De Vincentiis
Review by Tom

Listen to the album below. Don’t forget to support the band buying the vinyl record!

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