Review: A.I.D.S. – Spazi Aperti, Muri Ovunque

Debut album by A.I.D.S. from Pordenone, Italy

Obviously since the first listening I can’t help but notice it is very sinthetic, compressed and deep. Its is brief and fast but there’s everything: right words, properly spit out tonsils and well abused music.
A locally hc product musically well-structured, but pronounced accuracy even and especially on lyrics: strong, honest and ruthless concepts. These guys aren’t scared, they know what they’re doing and they’re doing it well!
Of all the “Spazi aperti, Muori ovunque” songs, those which impressed me particularly are “Selezione Naturale” for harsh image it transmits and “La prova dello specchio” which, inevitably, makes me keep an eye on and appreciate the album cover: a distinct soldier, dressed-up in medals and grades like a christmas tree, who is staring proud at himself in the mirror, fixing his tie, regardless of the pain and destruction he’s sowing.
Today the A.I.D.S. have been a great discovery to me, these Inseparable Friends of all Time from Pordenone have a nice and powerful hardcore fibre that works.
Good boys, great job!

Rating: 8,5

Review by Ruiha
Translation by Anna Maria De Vincentiis

Listen to the album below and contact us to ger a physical CD copy!

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