Two days of solidarity at Smashsoundfest vol.2

Let us tell you about the two days of Smashsound vol.2

We leave for the two days of the SmashSound Fest 2 at the csa next Emerson in Florence feeling very bad. The news of the eviction of Marzolo Occupata has made us very angry, so we would like to reiterate our solidarity to the comrades by dedicating this report to them.
Despite this, we travel with the guys from Verona popular gym and we cheer each other up. We arrive at Emerson very early and after a short tour of the place we help to set up for dinner and Zerocalcare‘s conference. A room full of people is waiting for him. The presentation of the book “Kobane Calling” is very interesting, in fact, his story of the journey he made with other people flows smoothly and among the various smiles he gets with his brilliant dialectic we have the opportunity to discover various backstories hidden behind the comic. It is then up to two guys who tell us about their recent experience linking the current situation to the one told in the book. Those who were lucky enough to meet Zerocalcare will surely have noticed that he’s incredibly down-to-earth and we were strongly impressed by this. After this exciting initiative, we take part in the benefit dinner for Verona popular gym and, after preparing the distro, we drink a well-deserved beer enjoying the show of the benefit painting auction. Once the auction is over we wait for the start of the live shows.
Balls Of Fire start, a band from Florence dedicated to a raw, direct and sometimes irreverent punk rock. The chemistry between the four is remarkable and makes the performance very enjoyable. Great riffs and guaranteed fun! Smart guys even off the stage with whom we had chats and drinks during the two days.
Then it’s up to Nido di Vespe, who with their lethal mix of grindcore and thrash metal amaze the punx. They show all their experience one song after another, conquering us to the sound of tupa tupa. Moshpit and devastating set.
After many beers we go to bed to recharge the batteries.
On the second day we have the opportunity to take a walk through the beautiful Florence, after which we return to Emerson where the training of the popular boxing gym begins and once finished we place the distro and go to hear the story of the Florentine comrades about their experience in Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan. The result is a very interesting debate, and we suggest you to read up about the situation in Rojava if you are not aware of it and to attend whenever possible to these initiatives on these issues in social spaces.
After that we eat pizza with a view on the banner in solidarity to Marzolo by SmashSound, Emerson and Verona Popular Gym. Well done!
In the meantime the concerts start, the first on stage are Modern Love directly from Oslo!
The Norwegians play a melodic and incredibly catchy punk rock, with songs that stay in your head from the first listening. Helped by the most energetic singer in history, among handstands, stage diving and running around the stage, they hold up a fantastic show, conquering everyone present. We’ll have the chance to exchange a word with Erik (the singer) and the others at the end of the concert and they even gave us a couple of fanzines from their country. Really great!
After them it’s up to the German Schwach, uncompromising hardcore from Berlin. They too play at the speed of light with hard riffs and powerful screams. Surgical precision in playing and great complicity. Congratulations to those who bet on them. To mention the drummer Martin who tried, succeeding quite well, to speak Italian all evening and with whom we drank a coffee and had a pleasant chat. We are very tired, but four groups are still to play. Behind the stage the Sardinian flag stands. It’s the turn of C4. The band offers us a street punk/oi very influenced by the combat rock trend that immediately reminds us of bands like Nucleo Terco and Zeman. The band from Silì presents the new album “Disterru e Catenas” (review coming soon) and their setlist exudes anger, love for their land and desire for redemption. Determined, compact and gritty, the four Moors are strong first on stage and then behind the counter with limoncello, but this is another story. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to see them outside the island, C4 are great! Equipped with Tuscan wine, we rush in front of the stage because it’s time for NoWhiteRag. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, but with great pleasure they took on stage some old hits plus the sumptuous “Resilience”, their latest masterpiece. Among “Come a Kobane”, “Antisociale”, “Vomito Sul Mondo” the live show runs smoothly. On stage they are impeccable, on the other hand, when you have political commitment, passion, experience and technique, it can only be a blast!
It’s up to the local heroes, the very young Plankton! Maybe you’ll remember them for the review of the album “Space Impact” (sentence to be read with the voice of Troy McClure of the Simpsons). Anyway the hardcore band, quite melodic, can play very well, no smudging and talent is there. Charismatic, brilliant and definitely original. We saw them for the first time, we liked them a lot!
Dawn is approaching and CGB are still to play. The historic band from Imperia finally starts, unfortunately not the crowd they deserve to wait for them, but the last remaining zombies, given the time. Despite this, they lift up the last survivors and are not discouraged at all, showing how passion is their engine. Old-school punk hardcore, well played and with sharp riffs, they reach their peak as always with “Brucia”, “Icaro” and “Così Distante”. Gippy’s voice is overwhelming and we leave the room with great satisfaction. Soon the new album will be released, stay tuned!
At the end of the concerts we clear out and go to sleep. The next day after the stop at the bar where all the punx look like drinking dead, we leave and in our car there will be also the one who, considering the dancing skills of the day, will call himself “tekToniz”, who was there, knows!
We thank each of you who came to greet us, the bands, Sola, Tozzini and all the Smashsound Collective, the csa next Emerson, our fellow travellers Deni, Max and Fier, Gloria, Julia and a special thought to Marzolo. Even today is picius (right, C4?) are back safe and sound and self-management has won again! See you next Friday in Modena at Stella Nera for QueersAndPunks night!

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