Notte di Tempesta – Vol. I @ Eterotopia, Milan, 7th April 2019

Skins and Punks united for a night in the spirit of Oi! with Rude Pride, Nabat and more…

The first edition of Notte di Tempesta took place Saturday night at the Eterotopia in S. Giuliano Milanese, a self-managed area since 1994.

The guests of the night were:
Tacita Rock Gang 
Clear Cut 
Rude Pride 
Dalton Bootboys 
Sempre Peggio 

It was already something past 7pm, I got into the car towards Milan and I hoped I wouldn’t be late, missing the first band, Ostile!
During the journey, I thought that there wouldn’t be anyone at the gig, but luckily as soon as I arrived there I changed my mind.
I came in and I saw that the line-up times had been postponed (and I wanted to go back home early…).
After a few minutes, Ostile started to play: they are a band active since 2017 from Varese. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a band led by a woman, and what a woman! Dalila was still sober, but not for long, immediately incited the crowd to get closer and between one blasphemy and another, they started to play “Sete”. The kids were slowly starting the engines. With the energy exploding from everywhere, Ostile finished the performance announcing the release of their album, scheduled for July.

Then it was time for Frode, a band active since 2006 from Seriate. The main themes of their lyrics are political, but not only. In fact, in the setlist, it was inserted “No Cocaine”. I liked what Diego, the singer, said: “It’s a song not against drugs, but against their use”.
One of the last songs on the setlist was “Il nostro fiume” which they dedicated to the Antifascist Collective of Seriate. Not bad these Frode, direct lyrics and great sounds.

A quick stage change and Tacita came up. They are a band active since 2016 from Roma. 
Finally, the pit crowed and the band started to play fast with their song “Tacita”. Not even the time to finish it and I noticed a kid falling badly to the ground. Probably he broke his knee because it took two people to carry him out. 
Inevitable in the setlist are also “Cicatrici”, “Oltre il muro” and “Indelebile”.
They ended the show dedicating the cover of “Storia Triste” to all the bands of the evening. About Tacita, I have nothing to say, they were impeccable. In particular the singer, I would say charismatic, who knew how to entertain majestically the audience.

Then it was the time for Clear Cut, a band active since 2017 from Bologna. 
They delighted us with old songs taken from the EP “Kids are innocent” of 2017 and some of the new “tape 2018” that will be released soon with a German record label: Subculture for Life.
The kids didn’t stop wiggling, and I thought ‘if they are so wild now, let alone later with the timeless Nabat…’
During the stage change, I looked at the phone and I noticed that the time sets, already postponed earlier, were getting longer and longer… Goodbye bed.

I came back under the stage and I noticed that everyone started to get drunk and beers were flying, so I had to watch out for my poor reflex.

After a few minutes, Steno came up on stage, in the pit there was no more space and I gave up being on the side, near the speakers.
Nabat started more fiercely than ever with “Zombie Rock” and the kids went mad. I think it was the most anticipated band of the evening.
They went from songs that made them famous as “Nichilistaggio”, “Asociale oi”, “Potere nelle strade” to those of the new album “Banda Randagia”.
And there came the fateful “Laida Bologna” with a very special guest: Marco of Klasse Kriminale. Hype 1000%.
We reached the end and an ‘ooh eaeaeaea’ started, giving space to “Nuovi Tempi”. Who does stage diving, who hugs, who screams… Nabat knows how to put melancholy in the hearts of the kids. 50 minutes of pure fire. Thank you guys, you still rock!

The times continued to stretch, perhaps due to technical problems. Finally, the Spanish band, Rude Pride went on stage. They started with a bomb: “Outta my way”, a song that represents well the present situation in Italy and not only…
The singer was empathic with the whole audience, in fact, he often went down to the pit to sing along with all the kids. They left the stage with their hymn: “Screaming Oi!” and all the guys greeted the band cheerfully dancing. 
It is time to give way to Dalton Bootboys, a roman band active since 2013 that mix oi! and rockabilly. 
They started with “Niente Paura” and I honestly didn’t expect so much chaos. They didn’t leave out any great song in their set list. The people had a lot of fun and at the end of the performance a shopping cart came in the room and the kids made it stage diving.

It was so late and I was afraid that Sempre Peggio were no longer playing, but here they went up to the stage to do their set. I’ve already seen them in 2016 and I was curious to hear them one more time.
In the pit remained just the survivors of the evening. The band active since 2015 from Milan ended the event with a bang with their classics “Digos”, “Al bar di Gola”, and their first song “Vincenzo” that ironically, they played it last. But the last kids still wanted to party so they asked for an encore and the band played “Sta su de doss”. They are still the same drunks who want to mess up as I saw them three years ago.

The first edition of Notte di Tempesta ended at 4am, we came back home tired but happy. It was an incredible evening, and I hope that there will be more editions soon; I thank all the bands and organizers of the evening. UNITED WE STAND.

Report and photogallery by Silvia Pirotta

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