Review: Dàtura – Domani Questo Non Sarà Mai Successo

Discover the new EP by Dàtura

New Ep of 3 tracks for Dàtura from Rimini, with a Post-Hc/Screamo that reminds me of bands like Loma Prieta or the first Converge. I want to start by saying that rarely I have to deal with similar bands, so I could write some bullshits and I apologize in advance for this eventuality! Anyway, these 3 tracks are played impeccably with guitars much higher in tone than the ones we are used to in the old school punk hc and drumming times often very “crooked”, far from the usual 4/4. The voice is screamed and tormented and matches very well with the lyrics full of nostalgia and inner suffering, and if the first two pieces (“Rosso arteria” and “Resia”) are still quite pulled, the third (“Filigrana”) is instead a ride of 7 minutes and a half of pain and anger. An Ep to have absolutely for lovers of the genre, released by Lostdog and Non Ti Seguo Records which are 100% DIY labels and therefore should be totally supported ; also recommended for Hardcorers who want to listen to something different from the usual, that hurts not!


Review by Riccardo Santi
Translation by Cinzia Forte


Listen to the EP below:

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