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I confess with a little bit of embarrassment that I almost knew nothing about this band although it is a really good one (one of my favourite genres, post-punk/darkwave) and I have few memories about listening to their tracks years ago. In addition, it is necessary to admit that the only other work of the Roman band is the demo tape “Dance Macabre” published in 1989, followed by a long silence until its reprint by the label “In The Nightmare” in 2004. They had not a lot of time to publish something new since they had only one concert in their first phase (the group was founded in 1988 and they released the demo the following year). Fortunately, they got back with the guitars in 2017 for a first live with Ataraxia at Forte Prenestino and even now they continue their activity with a new singer.

Nowadays, an official gothic/dark scene is almost inexistent and mostly people from the eighties form it (even if today, as in the past, we can claim back groups like the Florentine Dystopian Society and Rivolta dell’odio, besides other poseurs things arriving from Sanremo). Therefore, Giardino Violetto is fresh air, well, at the same time it is fresh and old as an intact crypt.

The deep lyrics, soaked of existential illness and anarchic rebellion, are suffused and full of darkness heavy as damp steel, interrupted by litanies and desperate lullabies, inspired by really good literary influences. A hypnotic and rarefied rhythmic section (bass and electric drum) and acid guitars accompany them, which are well harmonized with the rest. Baudelaire gets in touch with music and squats.

The sepulchral tracks from the album are in part remakes of the old demo but they are all on high level, even if, to whom is not that mindful while listening to them, they can appear a little bit repetitive (syncopated and reiterated rhythmic, they are proper of the Goth genre, regardless of talking about the Cure, the Belgrado or the Polish Alles).
In these last months, they played live with Bleib Modern and in many occupied places (dressed up as the dark version of Subcomandante Marcos), they were transmitted on Radio Onda Rossa and they disseminate with abundance their “deafening silence”.

Rich in pathos and punk energy, full of dark anomalies and absolutely unmissable.
Take back our punk-rock, friends!

Review by Alessio Ecoretti

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