Review: Affondo – A Mezz’Aria

From Ostia, the new “Affondo” album

Today we’re going down the Roman coast where Affondo comes from: Ostia. In order to write this review, the punk band kindly sent us a physical copy of their new self-produced and self-released -just the way we like it- record called “A Mezz’Aria”.

12 tracks, including the bonus track, which is a punk-rock version of “La Prima Cosa Bella“, that catapults us into Affondo’s dimension: a type of punk that comes through as influenced by melodic hc sometimes, but more often combined with straightforward and pounding old school hardcore. Well balanced riffs, a great deal of power chords and some tunes just as catchy as it would need to combine a very present bass guitar and a high impact drum style.

Now let’s get to the vocal part, which is the part that I appreciated the most. Let alone that the Italian lyrics suit this album perfectly, the grit and passion with which they are shouted is awesome. The lyrics are easy to listen to and actually pleasant. They may be written in a very simple manner, but they never come through as trivial. They address issues such as territory and social discomfort, without a hint of resignation but with a strong desire for redemption, actually.

A Mezz’aria” and “Il Fatto è Che Mi Sono Proprio Rotto Il Cazzo” are the songs that have that something to them, and I feel the need to mention them since they’d both make a perfect single.

What more, “A Mezz’Aria” is a solid and firm record that, except from the excessive length of some songs, but this is subjective, really convinced me from the beginning to the end.

Great job, Affondo!

Album rating: 7,5/10

Reviewed by Tom
Translation by Charlie Blackwood

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