Review: Nofu – Qui ed Ora

Qui ed Ora, the new album by the Roman band

Nice resurgence from the Roman band Nofu with their new 4-track EP named “Qui ed ora”. Just like any of their previous works, you feel like diving into the 80’s among bandanas, skinny jeans and big sneakers!

The inward-looking and anguished lyrics are sung in Screaming and, sometimes, end up in dirty melodies making me think of the band Kina (not by chance, the two bands are playing the same show in July at Forte Prenestino), while their solid guitar playing ranges from usual punk rock rhythm structures to rock-roll riffing.

This is where Negazione, “Behind the door” in particular, come to my mind. Beyond parallelisms with such great bands, Nofu show they do have guts as well as their own personal songwriting, which may also please those who are not into punk-hc stuff.

Album Rating: 8,5/10

Reviewed by Riccardo Santi
Translation by Marco Il Secco


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