Review: The Dollyrots – Daydream Explosion

New album by The Dollyrots released via Wicked Cool Records

“There’s a time for everything” is a well known concept for Dollyrots, considering they (spouses Kelly and Luis) have stated in their bio that they decided to drastically change their lifestyle once children arrived, putting an end to a life made of punk rock parties and instead deciding to take a more positive route, to the point of bringing their two children on tour with ’em. With that said, there’s a moment in life dedicated to music listening and, to be honest, I don’t think Dollyrots would have expected that a fat and hairy 30 year-old man could get this hooked with Daydream Explosion, as I don’t believe 30 year-old people were the target intended for their new pop-punk record. I believe that if they had come out with songs like “In your face” (a potential single like Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag) and “Naked” (simple but effective) in the early 2000s, with the right amount of tv broadcasts and a couple of good videos, the band would have made kids rush to the store to buy their cd and listen to it on repeat in their bedrooms. The record opens up with “Animal” and “Everything” (which also has a music video), classic Ramones-ish punk rock anthem, which are followed by the already mentioned singles. The electronic side of the band comes back often through the album (Love you instead) in a very experimental way (Kat’s meow, No princess). Luis’ guitar expresses itself mostly through poppy palm mute sections (“Last ones on earth”). “Flippy in my red dress” is a soul/rock track inspired by the world-famous “Hit the road Jack”; the record closes out with the much more serious “Daisy’s song”. Everything, like the great production, the arrangements but also the band’s looks and photos, seems to be dedicated more to the youth, just not today’s youth in my opinion, but rather something like 20 years ago youth, this is probably the record that Kelly and Luis would have jammed back in high school.

It surprised me to learn that the band has been active for more than 15 years, in which they released a huge number of albums, singles and even a 7″ split with never forgotten Bowling for soup. The first record came out in 2004 when the whole college rock scene (popularized by the likes of Avril Lavigne, usually our unit of measurement to decide how poser a person was) was slowly dying. To The Dollyrots credit, they never gave up when a lot of others tried to play the same genre, at times with great authors watching their backs, almost always failing. Who still remembers the flash in the pan Sky Sweetnam? In one of his few works, we can find authors such as Paul Cafaro, A.K.A. Blag Dahlia, the singer of the coolest and most politically incorrect band ever, Dwarves.

The record is coming out under Wicked Cool Records, a label that produced, among many others, Kurt Baker (who should be known by the most expert pop-punkers) and Little Steven, well known both ’cause he’s the crazy, bandana-wearing Bruce Springsteen guitar player and because of his role in the tv series “The Sopranos”. Among all the label’s releases, I suggest you give a listen to “Ko and the Knockouts”, cool ass garage rock band that sounds just like it’s the 60s all over again.

To close this off, I hope this record can bring some of the kids back into punk rock, so that they can gradually discover more mature stuff to listen to because let’s be real, most of us would be happy to list The Dollyrots as a band we listened to when we were 14, as opposed to god knows what other shit we actually listened to.

Reviewed by Nick Motown
Translated by Teo

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