Review: A part of us – Different stories on the same road

Tales of common destinies in nowadays’ society, made up of trivial appearances

The 4 guys from Vicenza A Part Of Us are facing their first challenge on the long term with “Different stories on the same road”, their first album released under the label This is core on June 21st.

Their genre is Californian melodic hardcore, sporting clear influences, among other bands, from Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole as well as more recent and technical bands like A Wilhelm Scream, without forgetting the lessons learnt during the golden age of Italian melodic Punk (Shandon, something from Crummy Stuff, etc)

All of this is packed up in a pretty technical hardcore, along with some “stop and go” classics with tight rhythms and thrilling riffs as well as trails of typical melodic Punk Rock. The tracks look after their own personal identity in the deep-rooted love for this genre and in the definition of sounds that sometimes seems even exaggerated: The singing (in English) is more convincing when it gets pissed off, sporting a more recognizable vocal timbre, while warning us of the hedonistic drift of our society.

Overall, this is a good album that is worth listening to more than once, consistent, personal, fast and hardcore, complex and technical but maybe to be refined to better reflect the band’s personal style.

Review by Giorgio Ferrè
Translation by Marco il Secco

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