Review: Good Riddance – Thoughts and Prayers

More thoughts, less prayers

After four years, Good Riddance are back! One of the most representative names of the so called melodic hardcore (a.k.a. skatepunk) that got its peak between the ‘90s and the first decade of the new millennium, but that never got out from the hearts and minds of many. Staying faithful, consolidating the twenty-and-more year partnership with Fat Wreck Chords – and consequently with our favourite Campari lover Fat Mike – these four Santa Cruz’s dudes come back with a new album after the previous Peace In Our Time that came out after a nine year hiatus, except for the live album Remain in Memory – The Final Show. Fortunately, it wasn’t the final one!
The recipe is the same, loved and appreciated for more than 25 years, a catchy hardcore punk molotov, focused, solid and straight-to-the point. High-octane fuelled and consciously linked to their messages, these are – and have always been – Good fuckin’ Riddance: more than a lame summer fest or soundtrack band.
From the very first seconds, Good Riddance point the finger at the modern day tragedies, the oligarchization of capitals, resources and, consequently, of the human lives in the hands of few subjects, more and more obscure, depersonalized and elusive, although always more and more powerful. All this embedded in a sound that will surely not make anyone regret their classic and iconic albums (A Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion and For God and Country, just to name a few) even if this album is without doubt more mature and less savage than their early stuff; but there’s more. The record is really well conceived: from fast paced hardcore tracks like Rapture, Our Great Divide and the powerful No King but Caesar (probably my favourite of the record) to more melodic and reflective slow-tempo episodes like Wish You Well and No Safe Space the “softest” moment track. Worth to mention the penultimate track Lo Que Sucede, sung in a unique mixture of Spanish and English. Personally, while listening to this record I don’t see myself laying on my bed with a cold beer and my laptop on my knees, but rather floating on a wave made of hands, arms and heads, soaked in sweat, my finger up in the air and a dumb ass smile on my face. So I guess that even the dumbest of you can assume how much I appreciated this record.

Review by Rashad

Listen to “Thoughts and Prayers” below:

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