Review: Tempest – Galeforce

Second ep for Tempest, that soon will change their name to “Galeforce”

Tempest are back on the scene before changing their name to “Galeforce”, exactly like their new ep of only two tracks, hard and smart like a punch in the face!
For those who didn’t know, the band has Josh on vocals, who was also the singer of the legendary band To Kill, and due to this all those contents, that have always been dear to Josh’s former band, are recalled in his lyrics and daily political-social activism. In fact, Josh has been setting sail with Sea Shepherd for years for sea life protection and more: Tempest’s lyrics are not only about animal rights, but also the environmental disasters of the last decades, evident to everyone (except to many politicians, sadly!).
The respect for nature is shouted on a background of hefty guitars and pounding rhythmic composed of fast parts alternating with violent breakdowns, that remind the musical style of bands like Earth Crisis, Trial and Stick To Your Guns.
While waiting to catch them live as Galeforce, let’s enjoy these two tracks that will surely have a really inviting for militant-Hc lovers follow-up!

Album rating: 9/10

Review by Riccardo Santi
Translation by Chiara Piva

Listen to “Galeforce” here:

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