Review: Drunktank – Return of the infamous four

The infamous four are back!

“Damaging ears & drinking your beers!” is the slogan used by Drunktank to present their newly released record: “Return of the infamous four”. The album carries on what the band started on their previous record (“The infamous four”, released back in 2010), but manages to better it in almost every aspect, from the production (thanks to the amazing job made by Cederick Forsberg on mixing and mastering the tracks) to the graphics. But first things first: Who are Drunktank? Well, they’re possibly one of the most interesting melodic hardcore acts in all Holland, if not Europe, cleverly mixing 90s skatepunk in pure Fat Wreck fashion with 80s heavy metal, which seems to come right out of “The number of the beast”. The result? A fast-paced, melodic and technically outstanding record. You can tell right from the first couple of notes of the opening track “We want more” what the four-piece band from Den Haag was going for with the album, as they’re capable of leaving the listener in awe as soon as the singing (masterfully executed by Pim) starts, with catchy as hell vocal lines clearly inspired by what metal used to be. The record then continues on a very clear path, focusing on amazingly crafted riffs (directly from the minds of Pim and Dorian), a constantly banging rhythmic section (coming from Martijn on bass and Raymond on drums) and lyrics that space from something the angriest of punk bands would sing about (like the raging anti-consumerism track “We want more”) to themes that usually belong in the metal genre (taking “Hellraisers” as an example). As consistent as the album is tho, I’d like to highlight two of my favorite tracks off of it: “Hammer of justice”, catchy and heavy, with an insanely good guitar work (the band also released an official video for the song, which I highly suggest you check out) and “Army of darkness”, arguably the most metal song on the album, so metal it could lyrically be a 3 inches of blood song.
To close this off, this record is a good slap in the face of whoever considers melodic hardcore a dead genre, a really outstanding work that proves that good punk is still being made in 2019, you just need to look for it.

Album rating: 9/10

Review and translation by Teo

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