Review: L’Esperimento del Dr. K – S/T

Debut album by L’Esperimento del Dr. K 

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain covered the dark green grass of that old cemetery like a silk tissue, and all the raindrops hit the tombstones, making them shine of a pale light, grabbed from the few moon rays that pushed through the darkness and the clouds.

When, suddenly, from and old crypt on which was engraved “Flamingo Records”, an unnatural crackling started to rise, and after that, a muddy gurgling pierced the silence.

Even looking like the script of a low budget blood soaking and slime melting horror movie, this record makes us fall into this atmosphere. L’Esperimento del Dottor K (the Italian transposition of the cult sci-fi horror worldwide known as The Fly) is an horror-themed punk rock project, directly inspired by the almighty Misfits, of which I am myself a die-hard fan. So, well, let ’s get on our sunglasses, take up our shovel to profane some graves and we’re ready to enter in this slimy and mephitic tomb.

As a starter of our gourmet human flesh buffet, we got the necrophiliac visions of Marylin Monroe’s dead body, as depicted in Cripta 33, and then one of my favourite, Let’s Creepy Crawl Again, a macabre dance with a lame and half-decomposed Elvis, with lyrics based on the murders of the Manson’s Family. I dare you to listen to this tune just one time, and then you start singing it all day long!

The body of this abominable creature of the Beyond is made of four more tracks. The Third track is titled Lei, a re-arrangement of the ultra classic Misfits She (from their Static Age album, if you don ’t know it, get up your ass!), Notti di Terrore and Metamorfosi, a real serenade to a corpse, with a tribute to the cult movie Buio Omega, also known as Beyond Darkness. All this is a prelude to what is, in my humble opinion, the peak of the record, La Città Verrà Distrutta all’Alba (the Italian title for George Romero’s The Crazies) as a closure for this macabre buffet made of cult horror and sci-fi movies and “three-chords-and-spread-legs” punk rock.

Now you have to excuse me, cause I’m seeing tripods shooting green bubbles from my window, so I can’t add more but remember you that Flamingo Records is an independent and brilliant reality, write them a line and grab a couple of good records like this. Act fast, before the Blob phagocytes you!

See ya! At midnight at the cemetery!


PS: No Danzig, No Misfits.



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