The Restarts: first song from new album!

Black Dog is the new song by The Restarts!

The English street punk band The Restarts will release their new album “Uprising” via Pirates Press Records on October 25th.
The first single is “Black Dog” and you can listen to it below.

Here’s what the singer and bass player Kieran Plunkett says about the meaning of the song:

“The song Black Dog touches on the awareness of mental health and how it has been stigmatised. We all know people (some quite near and dear to us) who struggle with depression or other forms of mental health. With a little understanding people (who suffer manic depression and bipolar disorder) can quite easily live productive lives. It is the stigmatisation and shame that worsens the illness and increases likelihood of suicide. We have lost friends over the years to suicide and conversely know others who manage to cope with it. So the more we understand it the better chance we have to fight this.”

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